Mr. Stupid Ambassador!

 US Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, has recently self-appointed herself as the representative and spokesman for the Syrian People! Ignorantly and arrogantly stated that “It’s that we don’t think the people want Assad anymore; we don’t think that he is going to be someone that the people want to have,”  Mr. Ambassador, you are a disillusioned blind fool!

According to the ongoing on the ground inside Syria, I can assure all worldwide that even the minority among Syrians who did not vote for  President Bashar Al-Assad in 2014 presidential elections are now to vote for  him in any forthcoming elections! How? Why? Transparently speaking, they have discovered that President Assad is their only protector, savor and defender! And what about more than 85 percent of the Syrians who voted, at times with their own blood- for him!?

Mr. Ambassador! Sorry Mr. stupid Ambassador, I beg to differ! All of the US unprincipled and reckless policies are but an accumulation of errors, carnages, and massacres! How millions of the innocents your country has been massacring worldwide and recently in Iraq, the Yemen, Libya, Syria, and in and in…! if some among the ewes are to pay you billions as to be appointed monarchs or princes, the Syrians have been since 2000- when they imposed presidency on Mr. Assad- chanting 'Allah, Syria, Bashar!"

A simple look at the US modern history- given the fact that all of USA history is no more than 3 hundred years- would but guide to the truth that the reckless policies of consequent US Presidents is indeed responsible for every death and destruction all over the world. Every business and financial deals of your presidents are built on others' suffering, death, blood and agonies!

Mr. stupid Ambassador, the Syrians are proud and indeed very happy that you have no love for the president of Syria! This in itself might be one of the main reasons why the Syrians- if not the majority worldwide- love and adore this president! Once the USA is in love with a leader, it means exploitation, subjugation, and slavery! Mr. Ambassador, your country is accustomed to use others as cleaning-papers!

Mrs. Nikki, some would tell you that your name in Arabic carries a sexual meaning! For the ewes and those yes-sir hen-picked characterless, you can! But not in our name! Let the Syrians decide what they want! Even those besieged and kidnapped by Al-Qaeda Wahabbi affiliates in Edlib took to the streets and chanted 'Allah, Syria, Bashar',  calling on H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad as to save them!


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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