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Is it Merely A Farce!

 What a shame! The so-called opposition, made and operated by Saudi Wahabbi monarchy, Qatar and other greedy forces of ignorance and exploitation, is issuing remote-controlled parroting of their masters! One would wonder why the official Syrian Government delegation is still in Geneva for talks! What talks and what for!

One would say that no justification nor pretext should  be given to the terrorists and their backers as to cover up  their heinous crimes with more of the  foreign backers' crocodile tears. The Syrian Arab Republic delegation is there in Geneva as to further prove that the foreign backed , mainly affiliated to terrorist groups, are indeed the characterless parrots of the same nonsense cliché' as mainly to govern Syria.

Syria is a state of institutions and a constitution; thus governance is subject to law, norms, regulations and mainly to ballot boxes, and never to bullets! The Syrian Arab Republic official delegation, representing every true Syrian, and mainly our beloved martyrs and bereaved families, is in Geneva, as not to surrender the Syrians' sovereignty, independence and secularity to the Wahabbi Saudi Arabia, Qatar, France, Britain and nor even to other Syrians!

No place other than Damascus can be a solution for Syrians and whoever is concerned about ending the terrorist war against Syrians  should come to Damascus as to help in alleviating the sufferings of the Syrians. UN Security Council Resolution /2254/  of 18 December 2015  stipulations are clear, actually not so far from Syria's official plan outlined in President Bashar Assad's January 6 2013 speech, in calling for 'credible, inclusive and non-sectarian governance'- which has ever been the case in Syria since its independence when a Christian patriot, Fares Khouri, was prime minister, 'drafting a new constitution' , and fair elections'.

 After all, the steadfast hero Syrian citizen, living for about 6 years under the hammers of unjust sanctions, terrorism, conspiracies, treason, fratricide  and unbearable economic conditions, has every right to describe the ongoing in Geneva has so far been merely a farce! This citizen's safe zone is where the boots of the Syrian Arab Army and their allies tread. Where these sacred boots tread there has ever been safety, freedom and humanity.

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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