Mr. Trump on Notice!

Photo by Der Spiegel’s Washington correspondent, Gordon Repinski.

In less than a month of his Inauguration, Mr. Trump of the USA, has so far declared some of the seemingly would be many reckless measures. Mr. Trump's alliance with the Wahabbi regime of Al Saud and the Israeli occupation indicates but the sameness of the US hegemony and egoist mentality of the elite in the States who think that they are the creator of the globe to lead, while they are indeed misled by unknown and well known forces of exploitation.

Mr. Trump's commercial mentality seems so far to control his behavior. His main and only preoccupation in money and only money! Arabs' oil should be all America's!  Saudi terrorism should be turned blind eyes to! Israeli escalating war mongering,  sword rattling and settlements skyrocketing should be encouraged! Syria's long fight against Western, US, and foreign-backed terrorists should be rewarded by so called 'safe-zones'  ignoring that the only safety prevails only where the Syrian Arab Army and its allied anti-terrorism forces exist.

It is too early to comment on Mr. Trump's policy, particularly with regard to the ongoing in the Middle East. However, once the motto is America First, all those affiliated to America, mainly Gulf Ewes and  Israel balloons are being blown up with more US CO2! We should not forget about air pollution and capacity of containment! More US Carbons might- and certainly would- lead to the balloons  explosions.

For Syria, Iran, Russia and all anti-terrorism heroes, saving a single human soul from terrorists  means but saving the globe. It is not money which controls our politics and fight against terrorism; it is indeed the sublime human rights and aspirations. Mr. Trump's Advisors have to prepare a short political summary for him as to be acquainted with the reality of the ongoing in this region! This alliance of anti-terrorism has an endless springs and fountains of pure and sacred blood, uncontaminated by polluted CO2.

Mr. Trump's cow-boy mafia like threats do not frighten those who have every right to defend their sovereignty, independence and dignity. The Islamic Republic of Iran's pivotal role in fighting terrorism  should be appreciated and considered, and not the opposite! The expected has been to have a US constructive role in fighting terrorism, at least as to make the bereaved people by  some of Mr. Obama, Mrs. Clinton and others' 'moderate terrorists'' atrocities be consoled.

Hopefully, Mr. Trump is to work for the spread of peace, amity and fraternity culture among all the inhabitants of the small without borders village of today. The globe needs  the culture of communication and understanding, and not walls and sword rattling. Middle East peace and UN resolutions, particularly 242 and 338 not to forget anti-terrorism  resolutions, do deserve some US efforts, given the US sponsorship of the halted Mideast peace process!


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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 Mr. President, Deeds or Words!