Aleppo, Cry for Humanity!

 The economic capital of Syria, Aleppo, has been under the siege of terrorists for more than 5 years. Erdogan of Turkey has vandalized, stolen and tried to destroy every industrial, infrastructural and human treasure of the city, millions of not trillions of the Saudi- Qatari petrodollars were wasted , in vain, for the destruction of Aleppo, not mention other Syrian cities and towns!  The governments of the USA, France, and Britain and of others exploited the agony of the Syrians in Aleppo, in a savage barbaric exploitation of terrorism for colonial, greedy and terrorist purposes!

Watching on Syrian TV news bulletins the cleansing of eastern parts of Aleppo, I am filled with pride, optimism, despair and pain! The battles from a street to another, house to another by the Syrian Army and their allied forces give but another humanitarian lesson to the entire world; it is our legitimate war to save our citizens from Al-Qaeda Wahabbi affiliates. The Syrians of Eastern Aleppo are extremely joyful and happy: their spontaneous statements, excitements are full of steadfastness values and meanings. They chanted: Allah, Syria, Bashar, God salutes and protections to the Syrian Army and their Allies.

The Syrians liberated from terrorists voice appreciations and gratitude to their liberators, to the Russians, Iranians for every assistance provided, for every piece of bread, and clothes, medicine sent as to alleviate their sufferings.  The news from Aleppo continued: Shadi Hilwa, the brave Syrian TV Aleppo correspondent airs an interview with two terrorists who fought as mercenaries for a 60-dollar monthly salary with Al-Qaeda affiliates. These two terrorists surrendered themselves to the Syrian Army after they were injured. They gave statements regarding the oppression and discrimination exerted against them by what they said their non-Syrian MULTI-NATIONAL terrorist leaders. One can not here but wonder whether the hectic Kerry moves or even De Mistura autonomous for Eastern Aleppo came as but only to safeguard Al-Qaeda 'moderates'.

Pain and despair for the civilians targeted by the blind arbitrary shelling by terrorists. The children frightened bleeding and the mothers and family members' bitter tears for the martyred and wounded are indeed unbearable! It is indeed the war on behalf of the entire world. It is the moral duty of every human to defend humanity against terrorism. Once a terrorist is liquidated in Syria, more than tens of lives are to be saved somewhere, including in the countries which back, groom up and arm terrorists!


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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