To a Psychiatric hospital, Erdogan!

 One cannot but to question the role of the so-called UN, International Law, Norms, Human values and principles in the global village of today! In light of Turkey's self-appointed president, Erdogan's recent statements  against Syria and its territorial integrity, Erdogan is indeed crazy, sick and characterless puppet for who pay more!

In fact, Erdogan's heinous crimes against humanity, Turks, Armenians, EU, Syrians should make him ashamed of his own-made and caused disasters and failures  and make him repent before it is too late. Erdogan's 'moderates': ISIS, Al-Nusra, and tens of other Wahabbi and Ottoman affiliated terrorists and cannibals are being liquidated and cleansed in many parts of Syria, particularly in Lattakia, Aleppo and soon in Raqa and Deir Azzour. Is this the main cause for Erdogan's hallucinations!

Do Erdogan's recent flagrant statements against Syria indicate that he lost his mind? I beg to differ, Erdogan has been  brainless since  his childhood! So, Erdogan's complex and Ottoman hallucinations should lead him to a Psychiatric hospital, Sanatorium,

For about 6 years, Turkey's reckless, unbalanced and crazy Erdogan has been working barbarically, savagely  and with unmatched grudge, hatred and cannibalism on the destruction, theft, robbery, exploitation and slaughter against the Syrians! Erdogan has been indeed made and exploited by the creators and supporters of terrorism!

Who is to pay for Erdogan's support and sponsoring of  terrorism? Undoubtedly, he himself along with his masters  and herds. All of Erdogan's dictated actions and blind leaps have led so far nowhere, apart from leading to the mushrooming of terrorism worldwide. At the end, such permanent and flagrant aggressions would lead to where none is to imagine or to envy Erdogan!

Actually, Erdogan's repeated violations of every international law and norm are part of the Ottoman's  aggression  by Erdogan and his masters   against the sovereignty, independence and citizenship of every Syria. Erdogan's' targeting of the Syrians- including our  Kurds co-nationals-  is an aggression against every Syrian, where in the free democratic Syria, citizenship is based on belonging and allegiance and commitment to the homeland , and never ever on  Erdogan's-like criteria.

 The Syrian national and principled foreign policy was strongly founded by the Late President Hafez Al-Assad decades ago and being pursued by the beloved President of millions worldwide, and not only of Syrians: no interference in other countries' domestic affairs. And as the late President underscored that  he who stretched a good hand to us, we would extend the same good hand to him; and he who extends an evil hand to Syria and its citizens, we would but cut off this evil by our knife.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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