The Syria Times Online Newspaper, Four Years On!

The ongoing war of foreign-backed terrorism is on for the 6th year and the task of any national media means is but to depict reality as it has been unfolding on the ground. Notwithstanding the largest Western and Ewes' media campaigns, the Syriatimes Online has , as a teamwork editorial group, spared no efforts , and up to the utmost of what the small group of journalists have, as to depict the reality.

"We have to talk about the facts." As outlined by H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad in his NBC News interview, JULY 14, 2016.  As "the war shocked many Syrians and took them in the wrong direction without them realizing that, because of the media which invented stories and because of their inability to read reality, which was foggy then." President Assad's Ria Novosti and Sputnik interview, MARCH 30-31, 2016.

"That has been  the problem with the West and propaganda; they use unverified information to accuse Syria and to blame it and then to take action against it." President Assad's EL PAIS interview, February 21, 2016.  Our honorable task has been as to address the other! The task was difficult but it has been the call of duty as to add and contribute to what other Syrian and honest mass media means and journalists are doing, where they at times pay their lives when tens of Syrian journalists were martyred or wounded.

The anti-Syria media means have left no stone unturned as to fabricate, distort and implement terrorism as a propaganda means in an endless chain of disinformation. Demonization  and treason. We have no such ability to falsify nor the sophisticated means. We , however, are stronger because , here there are the facts on the ground and the Syrian hero Army, allies and President Assad, the defender of all humanity.

On the fourth  anniversary of the re-launching of the Syria Times, I am indeed honored to publish some samples of the interactive contributions and messages received from our readers from October 2015 till now:


Dear Syria Times: I love Syria and the Syrian people. You are fighting for the freedom of the world and God is sustaining you! I saw Andrew Zimmermans's program in Syria and photos of your country on, and I said: " I must visit this beautiful country with lovely people living in the midst of ancient culture." Sorry for what my government is doing to you. God bless you and I hope that peace returns soon to Syria.

Sincerely, Terry Gleason

Insha Allah one day Syria will rise up at its feet better than before. Be safe all. God bless you. Syrian people will win, terrerists will be defeated by the help of Almightly Allah. Let the peace prevail & Let the people decide. Not at all foreign elements. fi aman Allah.

 Hasnain Ashraf <  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. >


 Happy birthday to our dear President!! 11/09/1965

God bless the great lion of Damascus!! #BasharHafezAlAssad

Viva a Síria al-Assad!! We love you Mr. President!!

Leandra Oliveira

  In honor of President Bashar al-Assad's birthday tomorrow...a video tribute to beloved Syria. God bless her with victory, peace, safety and prosperity once again - soon!

The lyrics to this song...just seemed perfect:


I won't just survive
Oh, you will see me thrive
Can't write my story
I'm beyond the archetype

Janice Kortkamp

Leesburg, VA, United States

 I never sow in my entire life a nation to respect , love and totally adore so much his president like Syrians ....

Happy birthday Mr. President Assad !
Big respect from me and Bulgaria.

Eleonora Ilieva


 President Assad, I am a US citizen, and I am so deeply ashamed of my country and their involvement in your country.  There are many like me who are so angry at the actions of our government.  I wish I was able to adopt all your young children and bring them to this country to get them the medical treatments they need, to feed and clothe them, to give them comfortable sleep without fear.  I just want to cry when I think of how sad all this devastation is on your people, young and old.  We have been lied to by our government, but we are slowly opening up our eyes to the truth.  I will pray for your country, your people, and you to keep strength in your convictions.  I applaud your people for not allowing another country to further divide your people by religious convictions.  

The US has already done as much division of it's own people, not only in religion, but nationality, financial capability, political party, race, sex, and I find it unacceptable and unforgivable.  I realize the reason they do this as well.  They do it to divide people to be confused and misdirected to take away our own personal power in our own politics.  Many of us are fighting this problem and wanting unity among our people, as people that all bleed red.  That's the only division any human being should have as a marker of mankind, the fact that we all bleed red.  There is no reason for people to be divided, not if they are intelligent, educated peoples.  There has to be rational communication to settle differences, peaceful protests, not violence.  Unfortunately, the US seems to feel it has the right to interfere with regime change.  I do not.  Many of us do not.  We are scared for our own people since we do not trust our own government any longer.  Again, I pray for your country to survive this assault on all of you.  May the god of your faith give you strength, courage, and the ability to withstand what you all face.   I'm so sorry for what Turkey and the  Saudi Wahabbist my country is doing to you.  

Karen Clarke  

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 Happy Birthday to Mr. President Assad from Slovakia. From our heart we wish him all the best, happiness and good health.

We are his fans. We are with him, in our thoughts, our heart, our prayers,  and we hope, there will be peace in Syria one day very soon thanks to cooperation with Mr.Putin.

We would like to ask for a photograph of Mr. President Assad with his autograph. We will be very happy and proud to have it.

Thank you very very much.


Ivica Schmiedtova with father

( I´m 44 yeras old woman and my fahter is 75, retiree )

Ivica Schmiedtova

Kuzmanyho 247/16

039 01 Turčianske Teplice

Slovak Republic


Thank you Dear President for the offerings you made for the Syrian People. Only a Lion could have stand for more than 5 years, when the whole West Plotted to overthrow you. Overthrow, 'cause you refused to disarm #Hezbollah & the Palestinian Military Camp. Overthrow, 'Cause you refused to become a puppet for the West.

The Syrian People will never abandon you!
Long live Syria al-Assad! Allah, Syria, Bashar W Basssss!

Leandra Oliveira 

  Had there been a Nobel prize for fighting terrorism, President Bashar Al-Assad should have been so awarded, a just point in light of the ongoing raised by the Editor-in-Chief; the reaction of Prof. Anderson was very supportive and he strongly stated that H.E. President Assad has indeed been on behalf of the entire world fighting terrorism in defense of his citizens as well of all humans worldwide. President Al-Assad is in all of his diplomatic and decisive stances the thrilling voice of logic and reason in the world. H.E. the Syrian President is highly cultured and  popular yet he has been at the center of Western and ignorant attacks and propaganda.

H.E. is the extraordinary leading voice of reason, Syrian values, culture and rich civilization and the embodiment of bravery, courage, firmness and strength in defending his country, its sovereignty and integrity against terrorism and evil forces of darkness.

H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad is a highly educated man, highly respected and  has carried out many reforms and changes, including the writing of a new Constitution, and holding Presidential and Parliamentary elections, said Eva, adding that President Assad could have fled his country and lived at ease abroad but that he stayed heroically defending his country and Syrians in fighting terrorism on behalf of the world.

The First Lady, Asma Al-Assad's role and extensive humanitarian work should also be noted.

Last year, before Christmas, I attended an Al-Farah concert. The day before, at choir practice, the President and the First Lady dropped in on the choir. Photos and videos showed thrilled choir members, happy, smiling at the visit.

He has popular support as President more than most world leaders, including notably those in countries like France, Canada, the USA, Germany and others, confidently asserted Eva, by way of example, singing in Arabic what millions of Syrians chant: ' Allah, Syria, and Bashar'. Eva noted the many massive demonstrations in support for President al-Assad, since early 2011 onwards.   

 Eva Bartlett, Prominent Canadian Journalist and co-founder and member of the Steering Committee of the Syria Solidarity Movement (, June, 2016.


President Bashar Al-Assad is the leader figure who is able  to take decisions, define causes of malfunctioning. President Assad has underscored the necessity for encountering and fighting terrorism defining those who back and support terrorism. H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad is highly respected worldwide. President Assad gained every credibility  for his clarifications about the risks of terrorist with its aftermath consequences against Europe and the world nd the events have proven the accuracy of his clarifications."

Franklin Lamb, a well-known US Professor and peace advocate: June 2016:


 Excellent summary of this great statesman!
His moral and intellectual qualities are real and superlative yes!
Certainly, in the West and in the Arab countries, many would like to be like him, many to envy, and many covet its natural right to life and statesman.
Owning moral greatness, in today's world, it is very disturbing ...
Have political resolve, charisma, positive leadership, majority support in his own country, exposed to the world with lucidity and competence, as Dr Assad is on Syria and its government, generates deep resentment from those who do not have a shred , even, of his moral stature.
The impudence, arrogance and immorality of those who invaded the country and attack the legitimacy of his government, and subject to trial in the International Court, if these bodies acted with truth and justice!
I see no other candidate in a position to take a government in Syria !!!!!
He, only He, brings with it the competence, will and love for the nation and its people !!!
This man is admirable, one day, I hope, that history do him justice, and that history severely JüLGE his opponents inside and outside Syria.
He is the only one with this view of aggregation and respect for cultural and religious diversity! Fact nonexistent in Arab countries, and dare I say, even in the West ...
Your wedding is one more proof of his success of his life blessed by God! His beautiful, brave and competent wife is a gift!
Perfect soulmates who met that complement ...
Long life to you, your family! God bless the nation and the Syrian people !!!!

The most honored, indisputable and great response was given by the Syrian people to the West, and especially the countries that are leading the attacks against Syrian nation and its legitimate and honorable President Dr. Assad!
They were puzzled by the strength and unity of the people at the polls!
It is the union that strengthens!
In Syria we see the true meaning of honor, dignity and courage!
Qualities nonexistent enemies of the Nation Syria !!!
Long and blessed life Dr. Bahar al-Assad! God bless your family and your people!

Maria De Fatima Moraes Rodrigues, June, 2016:   a Distinguished Brazilian Peace Activist


Good afternoon. I am a high school teacher in a highly Islamic population around the Detroit area. I wanted to extend my greetings to President Assad. Please let him know he has much support here, and every semester in my class we debater the proposition on whether President Assad is the best choice for Syria. The results among the students are almost always unanimous in favor. I believe that if Americans knew what he stood for, he would have a huge base of support, especially in contract to ISIS and other extremists terrorist organizations. I was wondering if President Assad is open to interviews from people like me in the West who firmly believe that he is the best person to lead Syria.

Thanks for your help.Best regards,Anthony Battaglia

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"Wherever I’ve gone in Syria (as well as many months in various parts of Lebanon, where I’ve met Syrians from all over Syria) I’ve seen wide evidence of broad support for President al-Assad. The pride I’ve seen in a majority of Syrians in their President surfaces in the posters in homes and shops, in patriotic songs and Syrian flags at celebrations and in discussions with average Syrians of all faiths. Most Syrians request that I tell exactly what I have seen and to transmit the message that it is for Syrians to decide their future, that they support their president and army and that the only way to stop the bloodshed is for Western and Gulf nations to stop sending terrorists to Syria, for Turkey to stop warring on Syria, for the West to stop their nonsense talk about “freedom” and “democracy” and leave Syrians to decide their own future."

Eva Bartlett, March, 2016.


I have learned a great deal from your wonderful website:

 As I am putting together action plans to try to help sway public opinion here in the US about Syria, I wanted to start by sharing this article first that I wrote last fall...

What I Learned about Activism from President Bashar al-Assad

Although I had tried to be an informed and participatory citizen of my country, I was never an activist until I 'met' Syria. My first glimpse through the cracks in the wall of western narratives about the Middle East came from President Assad. Since then, almost all of my words have been modeled on his approach that won me over in a matter of minutes to at least wanting to know more.

Here's what he taught me:

1. Stay calm. The truth gives a confidence that does not require screaming and ranting.

2. Turn the other cheek. President Assad has a brilliant way of just letting insults and accusations deflect off him. He listens and then gives his side - but he doesn't take it all personally.

3. Speak clearly and openly. It wasn't 2 minutes into the first interview I saw with him that I was struck by how he was explaining things in a way I could understand.

4. Be accurate - don't exaggerate. When President Assad knows a number, he gives a number that he can back up - they don't end up getting exaggerated beyond credibility. If he doesn't know a number, he just says he doesn't have a number.

5. Give facts that can be backed up by the reality on the ground and solid sources. When I listened to the US backed Syrian National Council's Muslim Brotherhood leader Moaz al Khatib trying to give an interview the contrast could not have been more stark. President Assad consistently gave facts that could be checked and verified. His 'opposition', Khatib, spoke in generalizations and platitudes and spent an hour saying nothing of substance.

6. Be genuine. President Assad's love of Syrians and Syria shows in everything he says and does. He walks the walk instead of just talking the talk.

7. Don't just preach to the choir. I think this is what really limits the effectiveness of activism. While we all need to learn from and support each other, it is critical to be able to relate to people who don't understand in a way that is not offensive or insulting. Most people just plain to do not know about these situations. They work long hours, they have families, what little news they get comes from main stream media. It's a part time/full time job trying to stay on top of ONE issue for me. President Assad has given so many interviews with belligerent media and nations - it is a great example.

8. Engage with people. I went to a demonstration against the proposed bombing of Syria in Washington. The protesters walked around in a circle and just kept repeating slogans some woman kept shouting in a megaphone creating a wall of noise. I quickly left the group and just walked among the people and tried to answer questions and engage in conversation. I ended up on Iraqi TV.

9. Unfortunately, photos of dead children and other victims are not very effective as a sole means of getting sympathy for the cause. Anyone with a heart should be moved by the plight of the most innocent victims but the sad truth is, it doesn't really work.

10. Be an ambassador. The most effective activism is person to person. When I got to know Syrians my intellectual curiosity changed to genuine compassion and a hunger for the truth. President Assad is a very personal and gracious man. When I showed his interview to my husband, Syd said "I want to have that man over for dinner." In so many interviews I've seen of his, often you can watch the interviewer coming around to President Assad's point of view because he is really present WITH the person, listening carefully to them, then he responds to them and to the question. He's not just taking an opportunity to spout an agenda. Whoever he's with, whether children or foreign dignitaries, he is always gives the people he is with his full attention.

So that's it. He is called 'brutal'. He is called worse. But what he should be called is "Mr. President". And he is a great example of an effective activist.

 Janice Kortkamp,   a prominent US peace Activist, May, 2016.


 I’m tired too much about all lie, fake photo facts and faked-up news articles about my country and Syria. 
This is the copy of my reply to one of Fb friends’s article. 
This is for those who have doubts....

Irina Pomeranseva Support President Bashar al-Assad cause he is the real Leader of his country, elected by a majority vote at the elections. He is well-educated person with European manners, progressive-minded & noble. His only guilt was that he started to support Russia & Eurasian Economic Union. Thats why he became the terrible ... like my President V.Putin. I want to advise to all Western & US propagandists to resign cause modern Russia is not the USSR. We have strong business community and we'll protect our country ( honor and dignity of our respected and beloved President), Syria and many other our allies. All the best.

Irina Pomeranseva, Russian Peace Activist, May 2016.

  'I admire the democratically-elected popular President Bashar Al-Assad, who made in a very short time many reforms and took scores of democratic measures, where now international opposition operate on the ground and political parties mushroom… in just a few years of time, President Assad managed to make great developments. He is indeed a great president living among and with his people, whom he has been defending and often going out to meet and interact with,''

Chris Janseen, a veteran journalist from Belgium, who is also the Chairman of Syrian Friendship Association, May 2016.

 H.E. President Bashar Hafez Al-Assad has been, at least for the past 5 years, the target for a sinister campaign by  the disillusioned non-Syrians ever living in heavily-guarded garrisons of treason, blackmail, exploitation and shadows of past colonialism. The President of the Syrian Arab Republic, H.E. Bashar  Al-Assad is living among his citizens, and for the majority, is living in the hearts of their hearts, as their defender, protector and savior, at least  from the ongoing foreign-backed terrorist war!

The Leader against Al-Qaeda and Wahabbi affiliated terrorists  is President Assad. The treasures for President Assad are the majority of the Syrians, true friends and brothers. Simply and accurately speaking, for the majority he is everything sacred and noble and priceless.

What is more of demonization, distortions  and fabrications? Nonsense! Futile, stupid!  The majority's spiritual umbilical cord with their President  is unshakeable, non-penetrable and unbreakable. Here we all, children, women, men, elderly.. live, study, work, struggle  together : one for all and all for one. The Syrians real treasure is their president, whose only real treasure is the victory against terrorism. It is here in Syria, not in Europe, US or even Panama! Where the history is made and orchestrated by the Syrians, their President, valiant Army, true friends and allies.


  "A de facto leader! A leader who loves his country and his people, who fought and fight for the preservation of their country! I had never experienced such a fierce fight against a legitimate ruler, elected by its people! And the whole world (Corrupt and invaders from different countries) fighting to destroy it! Proof of its legitimacy and the full support of the majority of the Syrian people! He yes, one of the few statesmen of our time! The other is Putin!!!!!"

"Always, Dr. Assad is clear, consistent, educated in their statements ... I can understand perfectly their views. He is a man created for project  to Syria, the government of Damascus is the representative for the people and anything else...Assad is decent.

Really a Great Leader! A Great Statesman! I hope that history, free of manipulation, can do justice to this great man. There is currently no ruler with its characteristics: Equilibrio, culture, courage, tenacity, true love for your country and your people. An exemplary man, admirable, I am your unconditional admirer! The world does not recognize the myriad benefits and changes implemented by it! The West and some Arab countries want is to destroy and steal Syria! They use the most sordid means to do so. Congratulations matter, excellent! Congratulations Dr Bashar Al-Assad. My respects."

 "As always, watch / read an interview with Dr. Assad is a lesson of leadership, coherence, morality, ethics, detachment, clarity, honesty, competence, intelligence ... and more ... I have no doubt that the brilliance of Dr Assad, bother, deeply mediocre Western leaders and the world arabic! It annoys me deeply, the press in those countries and leaders, with their leading questions, pre formatted according to the vision of the rulers of their countries.
Germany Merkel, yes they lost their sovereignty, as repeated in full the US speech, NATO, etc ...A country today with a high degree of blood of thousands of innocents in Syria, Libya and Iraq ....They have no moral framework! The lucidity and the level of knowledge of Dr. Assad is awesome!"


Just wonderful! One of the most compelling evidence of leadership, credibility and love of the Syrian people for their ruler, Dr. Assad and support with full affection statements to Him!

Dr. Assad and the Syrian nation, won terrorism! When we talk about terrorism, we include not only Islamic extremists, too, all the invaders from the West and the Arab world! Consider them the worst terrorists, in the name of a "supposed" democracy (they are unaware of the true democracy) invade, destroy, depose legitimate rulers, sucateiam the enconomia, infrastructure, covet the land not belonging les!

The countries of the coalition, the allies ever with invading spirit and colonialist not defeated the Syrian people, not deposed President Assad!

This is a great victory in recent times! The course of history they wrote was changed!

Won Sovereignty! Won the constitution of a people! Won the legitimacy of the vote! Won the true friendship between people who respect each other, that they honor their word, alliances of a lifetime!

Dr. Assad and his allies, they presented the world with a victory against terrorism plaguing the world and Propios countries shamefully undermined the Nation Syria! The proof that we can defeat terrorism is through the non-acceptance and partnership with countries that support, feed and use the terrismo to abject purposes, shameful, unscrupulous.

Onward Nation Syria!

Maria De Fatima Moraes Rodrigues, Brazil  


  The man whom the US calls a "brutal dictator" and his beautiful wife out and about in Damascus yesterday... President Bashar al-Assad.

Now a leader being popular and having charisma does not mean he is good and it does not mean he is bad. We have to look at why he is popular; what he stands for; and his words, policies and actions.

Compare President Assad to our candidates for president.

1. He was offered a blank check by the wicked Saudis to leave Syria. At the same time there is a blank check for anyone who kills him. But he refused, saying anyone can be president, but I am Syrian, I was born in Syria and I will die in Syria. He and his wife and children live in a modest home and he often drives himself around the city. He has the support and approval of about 75% of Syrians: Sunnis, Alawites, Christians and Druze.

 2. His government is not an Alawite regime ruled by one family. The government is predominantly Sunni as is the army. Their excellent Defense Minister at the start of the war was a Christian but he was murdered with many other leaders by the US backed extremists who are sponsored by Saudi. The country ruled by a single family is Saudi Arabia. The name of the country was changed to SAUDI Arabia to reflect this fact.

3. President Assad has always modeled to the highest extent respect and protection for women, all religious groups and people groups in Syria. The ones he was cracking down on were mostly radicalized fundamentalists infected with the twisted Wahhabi ideology of Saudi. Because of the pressures and politics of the region there was a heavy handed control over politics this is true...and I believe totally necessary even if not manifested properly due to corruption by many officials there.

4. He is no enemy to people in the west, quite the opposite. He is an ophthalmologist, eye surgeon, who studied and lived in London and appreciates much about the west - but not our governments' efforts to control the future and destiny of Syria and the region.

5. He is a very educated and civilized man of the world. He speaks English and French in addition to his native Arabic. English is required study in Syrian schools. His wife is Syrian from a Sunni family. A brilliant and educated woman, she works tirelessly to comfort the suffering of families in Syria and to sponsor many initiatives to help all the people there. She speaks five languages I am told.

6. President Assad served in the military as basically all Syrian men are required to do. He was in the tank corps as well as medical and I know has many parachute jumps. He is the Commander in Chief as are the US presidents but unlike our candidates he actually served.

7. He is a unifying figure, unlike our violently polarized presidential hopefuls, but he is utterly pragmatic and knowledgable about dealing with threats.

8. He has been framed, slandered, vilified, and demonized by the so-called leaders of the free world in the west. All this without "journalists" even questioning why the Syrian government still stands after five years of US liberals and conservatives alike screaming that he must step down and hand over the keys of the country to the likes of al Qaeda and ISIS "freedom fighters" sponsored by the ISIS-like Wahhabi "royals" of Saudi Arabia.

9. I wish I could vote for this caliber of leader in the US elections.

10. No, I am not supporting a Hitler who has fooled me. I am supporting a non-aggressive, positive, and popular leader of a sovereign and independent country whose real "crime" has been to stand against the total hypocrisy and manipulations of the west and our regional allies of Saudi and Israel. These manipulations include: our disastrous creation of al Qaeda and nurturing of the Taliban in Afghanistan; our disastrous and murderous war against Iraq that created and trained ISIS; our disastrous intervention in Libya where we aided and abetted both alQaeda and ISIS to assassinate the leader there; and now our disastrous efforts to put secular and safe Syria under the control of western puppet criminals sponsored by the terrorist-loving Wahhabis of Saudi Arabia.

One disaster after another, one massacre after another, more terrorists than ever. And Americans still want to believe we are the good guys in the Middle East .

Janice Kortkamp, a US Peace Activist.


"The Syrian President Bashar Al -Assad is the symbol of Syrian demographic and geographic unity, and without him Syria is going to be another Somalia or Yugoslavia."

 MP Omar Ose, January 2016.


"Supporting Assad remains the only realistic path that will return us to the relative stability of the pre–Arab Spring days, and that will defeat ISIS. No one is more motivated to defeat ISIS than Assad, who would like to reassume Syria’s internationally recognized borders and seek revenge on atrocities that ISIS has committed against captured Syrian soldiers. Assad is a viable source of stability also because of his unconditional support from Iran, which fears and detests ISIS for the threat it poses to Shiite dominance of the region."

 Jay Hallen, the US National Review, January 7, 2016


 “Fighting against Bashar al-Assad for three years, we have strengthened ISIL positions. The political fate of Bashar al-Assad should be decided by the Syrian people in the course of future democratic elections. As for now, Assad is the only politician who is able to have the country under control and not let it fall apart. France should finally change its political course and cooperate with Assad to resolve the Syrian conflict.''

 Marine Le Pen , president of the French  National Front, the Sputnik, December 2015.


" President Bashar Al-Assad, a man who loves God, humanity, his people, his land and his country .President Assad is a man who loves his family."

 Marie-Helene Berglind, Peace Activist, December 2015.


"The first line of defense against evil and darkness. We salute all the brave men of Syria (all religious sects and faiths), and their outstanding leader Dr. Bashar al-Assad. "

The utmost respect for these two devoted men. They are second to none, in terms of popularity, courage and wisdom. Thousands of salutes. The entire civilized world stands behind this outstanding leader. His popularity is increasing every day. A hero for billions people worldwide. He is the epitome against imperialism and colonialism.

We salute him,Allah Souria Bashar W Bas. 

William Benjamin, peace activist, December 2015.

 “President Al-Assad was so kind and open contrary to the image fabricated  to him in the West. The people who are fighting terrorism in Syria see in President Al-Assad the  guarantee for stability and diversity in the country, President Al-Assad represents the only force which is able to confront the terrorists of the so-called “Islamic State” (ISIL or Deash)."

 (Michael Kobal), Czech TV Journalist, December, 2015.

  Long live President Assad

One of the greatest leaders of all time ever. Hugely popular and respected worldwide. He is well known for his protection for all minorities. A man devoted to protect his people (regardless of religious background), and his true passion for his country.

May God give him strength and wisdom in the fight against evil, and defeat those who want to destroy his country.

Long live President Assad, the sole legitimate leader of Syria.

Joan Dalton-Carr, November 2015.

Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

  The Brilliant Leader:

I just wanted to place my condolences for what is happening in Syria. I do not like seeing the bullying tactics by the UN & NATO, and especially the USA placed against your country. There is so much media propaganda and disinformation, that it disgusts me. 
There is a much bigger picture playing out, which is basically the west wanting control of the oil & gas, and to destabilize the Middle East. The funding of ISIS by KSA, NATO & UN is so plainly obvious, let alone Turkey and their hand in this too.
I truly feel for your people and the loss of many archeological treasures, homes, the loss of life.
I lived in the Middle East for 3.5 years, in Dubai. However I travelled throughout the region.
So I have at least some understanding of the difficulties. Not that Dubai is a difficult place.
Just know Bashar Al Assad, that you are a brilliant leader, and that I support you, as do many other westerners who have their eyes wide open to what is happing. I also support Vladimir Putin & hope he continues to help you.
Wishing you all the best sir.
Selina Brown 
Selina Brown (  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

November 27, 2015.

 Fighting Those Mercenary Terrorists

 “I greet President Bashar al-Assad from the bottom of my heart because he is fighting those mercenary terrorists and do I wish him victory."

The renowned Egyptian actress Ilham Shaheen, November 2015.

I'm a Norwegian citizen, and want to give my support to Bashar Al-Assad and his army. No matter what my government mean, i have my own opinion after watching some of the interview with Assad. He is a fair and truthful man that wishes peace and the best for the Syrian people, and stop of all the killing and terrorism. I'm glad Putin help Assad and his country, and i wish more country would stop believe lies and rather help Assad in this important fight against terrorism. We will all be losers if he doesn't win. Assad is also very intelligent when he will put up an election to let the people decide whom they choose to lead the country. That shows that Assad is a democrat and a fair man. With all my heart i believe in Assad, and he have my full support. And i'm not the only one in my country that feel the same. May GOD give Assad and his family and his army, and the syrian people strength to carry on in the right and good direction. Let peace and love win, AMEN.

God Bless Assad. 

With love from Mona

Mona Lisa Burley  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


 "The popularity of the Syrian President at home undermines attempts to cast him as a monster, at least in Syria. The petro-monarchy of Qatar is an open enemy of Syria, having put literally billions into the Islamist armed groups (Khalaf and Smith 2013). However their own media channel and polls have acknowledged Bashar’s popularity. In January 2011 Qatar’s main media outlet Al Jazeera concluded that a revolution in Syria was ‘unlikely’ due to Assad’s popularity.

The President’s popularity was shown in the early days, by the huge pro-government rallies that came out in response to opposition rallies. Robert Fisk, one of the few western journalists with a strong sense of Arab history and an eye for detail, but often cynical as regards the Syrian Government, made these observations:

‘Another pro-Assad rally was starting … it might have reached 200,000 by midday … there was no Saddam style trucking of the people to Omayad Square [Damascus] … the only soldiers were standing with their families. How does one report a pro-government demo during the Arab Awakening? There were veiled women, old men, thousands of children … were they coerced? I don’t think so’ (Fisk 2011)."

 Prof. Tim Anderson, the University of Sydney, Author of America’s “Dirty War on Syria”: Bashar al Assad and Political Reform.

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 Anti-Assad Narrative Falls Apart at Seams 

The Western media narrative about brutal "dictator" Bashar al-Assad is falling apart at the seams, Australian academic Tim Anderson underscores, adding that the leader still enjoys high public support in Syria.

There is a huge gap between the Western ugly "caricature" of the Syrian President and the real political figure of Bashar al-Assad, Syria's popular secular leader, Tim Anderson, Senior Lecturer in Political Economy at the University of Sydney, notes, according to the Russian Sputnik News.

"When I met President Assad, with a group of Australians, his manner was entirely consistent with the pre-2011 image of the mild-mannered eye doctor. He expressed deep concern with the impact on children of witnessing terrorist atrocities while fanatics shout 'God is Great.' The man is certainly no brute, in the manner of Saddam Hussein or George W. Bush," Anderson underscored in his article for Global Research.

If Bashar al-Assad were indeed a brutal tyrant, he and his army would have been abandoned by Syrians and defeated long ago. According to Western media reports, President Assad ' has launched repeated bombings of civilian areas, gassed children and cracked down on the freedom-loving "moderate" opposition.

"Central to the Bashar myth are two closely related stories: that of the 'moderate "rebel"' and the story that conjures 'Assad loyalists' or 'regime forces' in place of a large, dedicated national army, with broad popular support," Anderson elaborated.

Contrary to the Western media narrative, the Syrian Arab Army has much popular support. Furthermore, most of Syrians displaced by the conflict have not fled the country but moved to other parts of it under army protection, the Australian academic stressed, adding that numerous stories of the atrocities allegedly committed by the Syrian Arab Army turned out to be false.

Even so-called "moderate" Syrian "rebels" recognized that the Syrian President and the government forces have about '70 percent' support, as quoted by Western media outlets.

On the other hand, the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood and other sectarian Islamist groups do hate him, according to the academic.

"Quite a number of Syrians have criticized President Assad, but not in the manner of the Western media. Many in Syria regard him as too soft, leading to the name 'Mr. Soft Heart'," the academic remarked.

Meanwhile, the so-called Free Syrian Army brigades, particularly that of Farouk, were spotted blowing up hospitals, conducting ethnic cleansing, killing civilians and suppressing peaceful civilians. Needless to say, much of these atrocities were ignored by major Western media outlets or the blame was simply shifted onto Assad and the Syrian Arab Army.

"The most highly politicized atrocity was the chemical attack of August 2013, in the Eastern Ghouta region, just outside Damascus," Anderson proceeded with his narrative.

While many Western mainstream media journalists, which relied on FSA sources, jumped to conclusions that Bashar al-Assad was behind the notorious chemical attack, a series of independent reports demolished those claims.

Veteran US journalist Seymour Hersh later revealed that the US intelligence evidence had been fabricated and "cherry picked… to justify a strike against Assad," Anderson remarked, adding that "the Saudi backed FSA group Liwa al-Islam was most likely responsible for the chemical attack on Ghouta."

The Australian academic underscored that during the Syrian presidential elections, held in June 2014, Assad received almost 88 percent of votes, despite the war. The high participation rate — 73 percent — also dealt a severe blow to the positions of Assad's antagonists.

"The size of Bashar's win underlines a stark reality: there never was a popular uprising against this man; and his popularity has grown," the academic stressed.


President Bashar Al-Assad enjoys the strong support of the Syrian people,” Former Czech Prime Minister Jiri Paroubek has stressed, pointing out that “this is something that needs to be taken into consideration when talking about any political arrangements regarding the situation in Syria within the framework of the political solution of the crisis in the country.

In an article Published on the website on Wednesday, Paroubek said “the participation of President Al-Assad in any coming presidential elections after the defeat of ISIL is logical,” adding that “President Al-Assad was elected in 2014 in one of the most democratic elections ever held in the Arab world.”

He clarified that the steadfastness of President Al-Assad for more than four years against the will of the world’s super powers and the will of Saudi Arabia Qatar and tens of thousands of terrorists coming from all over the world, indicates that the “administration of President Al-Assad is based on the strong support of the Syrian people.”


President Bashar Assad’s government provides the Syrian people with the best chance for achieving stability and finding a genuine political solution, former White House National Security Council advisor Gwenyth Todd told Sputnik, October 7, 2015.

"The Assad regime, whatever one's personal view of it, is Syria's best and almost certainly only hope for long-term change," Todd explained. "Legitimate political change in Syria must come from a foundation of stability."

"No country in the West enjoys unanimous popular love for or agreement with its leadership," Todd noted, "But most citizens realize that change is an evolutionary, not revolutionary process."

Violent revolutionary groups exist in many countries, including the United States, but no reasonable citizen wishes them success in overthrowing the government, Todd observed.

 "The Assad REGIME no what matter what one's personal view of it." Excuse me, Syria under Assad is far more democratic and transparent than is the despicable U.S. Inc. Besides, just who the **** do the impudent Americans think they are; They need reminding, with a bomb or two if necessary, that the neither the U.S. nor any other country has the right to 'regime change'.

 Michael Walsh  

Professional Writer and Poet at Michael Walsh Poems

  What a funny story. There is no anyone in the West interested in peace and stability in Syria. The ongoing chaos is created by design but the planners are now in panic of Russians help can suffice in restoring peace in Syria.

Dragan Radulovic

CEO & Funder at The School for Advanced Studies 'Galileo'

   the point is the usa and co, don´t want stability, no money in stability.

 Steven Churchill


 yes is true Steven USA need to created wars for business as Iraq -Iran war to sell weapon to both sides.

Narcisa Mcleavy

 The United States has an outstanding record of promoting and supporting regime change that results in changing a working, if imperfect state, into a Failed State, that assassinates and kills millions, decimates the educated and productive classes, drives out protected minorities, and foments Sunni Salafi Terrorists. The United States is justly feared as the most dangerous nation in the World. 

I am a Proud U.S. Marine, an eccentric Major, USMCR(Retired), but I am ashamed of my country.
President Eisenhower warned us of the Military Industrial Complex. Marine Maj.Gen. Smedley D. Butler warned us in the 30's: "War is a RACKET." Our Patriot Forefathers warned us to avoid foreign entanglements. For years there was a strong isolationist movement (which I thought went too far), that has virtually disappeared from both parties.

Barry Wendell Jackson

Engineer of Political Economy at Self-Employed


 "Syria's internal balance of power is absolutely transparent: President Bashar al-Assad has won an overwhelming majority in Syria and enjoys wide public support…t he only politician, who is able to form a national unity government, is Bashar al-Assad,"

French historian Thomas Flichy de la Neuville, the Sputnik, October 16, 2015.

 “The one who is nearing the final victory is Bashar al-Assad, as the symbol of resistance in Syria, and those countries which are helping the Syrian people,”

 Ali Akbar Velayati, Adviser to Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, October 16, 2015.


Hello, my name is Dallas Jacobs I am a 29 year old American male. I am not a typical American by any means however. I am writing the email in hopes that it gets to Syrian President Bashar Al Assad. I wanted the President to know that my friends and I all immediately smelled a coup when the uprisings and "protesters" started. I am strongly opposed to my country's imperialistic bullying of anyone who objects to the murderous expansionism of what is no longer a freely elected democracy but more or less a terrorist oil regime.  I oppose the terrorist and illegitimate state of Israel and it's treatment of the Palestinians. I oppose Israel occupying the Golan heights as well, which conveniently possesses vast amounts of fresh water, and recently discovered oil.  I also oppose my government supporting the absolutely horrible regime in Saudi Arabia, which effectively funds terrorism to hopefully secure their regional control in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia is also one of the biggest human rights offenders in current history, and my country's support for it while calling for Mr. Assad to step down are pure lunacy. I strongly support the President, and have read many interviews with him, in which he seems like a very reasonable and well spoken man. I am also a huge fan of Arabic culture in general, and many of my friends are from the surrounding area. Growing up I worked in garden centers for several years and learned of the beautiful Damascus roses. I have a deep appreciation for the rich cultural heritage of Syria, the music, the food, the landscape, and the people. I wish you nothing but success in restoring order and peace to your beautiful country, and hopefully someday I can come visit.  I wish you and your family peace and happiness in this upcoming new year.  

 Dallas Jacobs

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 Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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