Syria: Defender of the World

 A short cordial visit to the Syria Times headquarters in Damascus today by Mr. Kris Janseen, the distinguished veteran journalist from Belgium, who is also the Chairman of Syrian Friendship Association. It has been mainly a frank, transparent and direct talk about the ongoing in Syria, with an endless exchange of thoughts, concerns and ideas.

Media in Europe is one of a big lie where media means copy what al-Jazeera, al-Arabiya and other Saudi-financed means fabricate and disseminate: merely lies as to brainwash people with an aggressive strategy towards Syria, citing some examples like using 'Assad's Army'' instead of the Syrian Arab Army and 'regime' instead of government, my friend Kris initiated the talk.

More and bigger efforts should be exerted as to bring the truth in Syria out to make a counteroffensive, Kris added with some appreciation for what he said editorials, commentaries and analyses published by the Syriatimes Online Newspaper, and asserted that the positive aspects and civilization of Syria are ignored by Western media.

 Syria has a multi-party system with democratic elections. It is a secular country. It is the cradle of civilization, added Kris and directly raised his voice saying:' But Wahabbism is the Saudi ideology as to destroy Syria, the peaceful nation. Wahabbism is not representative of true Islam; it is a barbaric deviation from true Islam. The Saudis finance all mosques in Europe and hand-pick imams, including those in Belgium, my country, as to preach Wahabbism.

You have to visit Syria, talk to Syrians come and see Syria with your own eyes, Kris added in a direct appeal for all who are interested to know the reality of the ongoing.

 The foreign backed opposition is financed by the Saudis and backed by Turkish, Qatari and American agendas, added Mr. Kris, asserting that Syria is a multi-party system where the domestic opposition and political parties have ministers and occupy other positions inside the country.

''There is no moderate opposition in Syria; they are terrorists,'' added Kris and mockingly saying that 'Erdogan wants to revive the Ottoman Empire'.

''Unjust EU sanctions, as well as terrorist crimes, hurt the Syrians and push many Syrians to leave Syria as refugees,'' added Kris citing the dire need for 'communication lines among people and not for closing the Syrian embassies in some EU countries which had causes hardships for Syrians abroad

'Syria is never isolated' underscored Kris, citing the stances backing Syria from BRICS, Iran, Russia Sultanate of Oman, Algeria and others.

Syria is the defender of the entire world because if Wahabbism is victorious in Syria, it will attack the entire world, added Kris, lashing out at Erdogan's policy and ' very dirty role to facilitate terrorism as the gate of terrorism for Europe.'

''In Syria, it is not a civil war… the ongoing has nothing to do with fight among Syrians… it is a war by foreigners, some with fake passports, to fight against Syrians. It is a very dirty war against humanity and not only against Syria,' confidently underlined Kris.

Mr. Kris criticized the US role for US own interests making deals with extremist countries citing their destructions in Iraq and Libya.

'Arab spring is a big lie as to exploit others,' underlined Kris.

'I admire the democratically-elected popular President Bashar Al-Assad, who made in a very short time many reforms and took scores of democratic measures, where now international opposition operate on the ground and political parties mushroom,' outlined Kris.

''In just a few years of time, President Assad managed to make great developments. He is indeed a great president living among and with his people, whom he has been defending and often going out to meet and interact with,'' concluded Kris.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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