Geneva talks start today!


Geneva talks start today! What talks and what for! Are the talks of Geneva held among Syrians and for Syria? If so, why Geneva, not Damascus! Geneva is perhaps the better  place for those who have foreign agenda. It seems that many of the conspirators against Syria, who failed on the ground, favor a place away from the capital of all Syrians, Damascus!

Are the talks to be a competition over  humanitarian issues?  If so, who is more human with his/her co-nationals than the Syrians and their own State. This is Syria, where the family members, children and others, escape from the places occupied by Al-Qaeda affiliates and from some Syrians, who were misled and brainwashed. How could in thousands, the family members of many terrorists and cannibals be sheltered and protected by the families of Syrians who have been giving every sacrifice to safe Syria?

If the most direct and transparent recent statements regarding Syria's sovereignty, integrity and commitment to a peaceful settlement for  the ongoing crisis by Syria's Foreign Minister, Walid Al-Moaalem, are to "clearly trying to disrupt the process", according to Mr. Kerry, and a "provocation" and a "bad sign", according to Mr. Jean-Marc  Ayrault of France,  if SO, what is the need for Geneva! The Road to Syria's victory over the Wahabbi Al-Qaeda foreign-backed terrorism hasn't been through Geneva, but  been drawn here on the Syrian territory and by the Syrians and their brothers and allies.

 If the so-called Riyadh opposition is in Geneva to be handed, on behalf of its operators, the keys of Damascus, why in Geneva? Let it be here on the ground. The enemies of Syria, apart from the great losses and sufferings they caused for and inflicted upon the Syrians, failed, and tragically failed with a counterproductive effect! The Syrians have no more confidence and trust in those who   have been exploiting, slaughtering and destroying every noble Syrian merit and value!

The way to the keys of Damascus is through the Syrians' hearts, protection and safeguarding. According to Syria's sacred Constitution, elections are the compass and true reflection for what the Syrians want and need. Who is afraid of the elections? Who has been denying the people their right to vote? Those who reject elections and popular vote  are "clearly trying to disrupt the process", and are a "provocation" and a "bad sign",  and not the opposite!  Syria is open for all  Syrians and would but only give back some of the favors to its protectors, saviors and builders!


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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