To Be Reappointed!

Dad! Come home, Lana, my lovely granddaughter, is waiting for you! Ok. Just some time as to minute by minute follow up intra-Syria Geneva 3 talks!  Intra-Syria! Why in Geneva, not Damascus! Dad! I know very well what my daughter said sarcastically!

Got it! Some of the lackeys in Riyadh Gangs delegation are themselves along with their masters are indeed responsible for the Syrians' sufferings and agonies. The so-called Jaish Al-Islam and other Wahabbi affiliates are indeed responsible for the killing of thousands of  Syrian innocents! Are responsible for the burning of Syrians alive in burning fires of furnaces and bakeries!  Responsible for humiliating and in fetters putting  Syrians in cages!

 Out of Syria's latent and declared desire and need as to end the crisis and settle it down by the Syrians themselves, the official delegation led by the veteran Syrian Ambassador to the UN, Dr. Bashar Al-Jafari, is there in Geneva and on time fully prepared and open to dialogue.

Father, please, I do not understand, said my daughter. What? To dialogue with whom? I said with the so-called Higher Commission of so and so of Al-Riyadh! Are they Syrians, my daughter asked! I said Yes but lackey Syrians and one of them was once a premier, another minister of culture!!!

Do they want through the Saudi petrodollars to be reappointed ministers and premiers for the Syrians, asked my daughter! Do you think that the Syrians would so accept! Of course not daughter, not even as dust sweepers! Riyadh gangs are shedding crocodile tears for the Syrians' suffering! No father, they  only shed the Syrians blood. They too shed tears for their Al-Qaeda and Wahabbi affiliates on the ground.

Yes dad, Riyadh gangs are there in Geneva as only to save their terrorists on the ground from annihilation  by the hero Syria Army and its anti-terrorism allies and brothers.  Riyadh gangs speak for their dirty masters and selfish interests, and never care about  the Syrians well being!  Daughter! Enough! We are in Geneva because we are sincere and honest in commitment to our pledges, beliefs, principles, legitimacy , human life, freedom and dignity.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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