Riyadh Gangs!


Do the Syrians have after about five years of their fight against terrorism to dialogue and negotiate with the puppets of the Wahabbi kingdom, mainly responsible for every worldwide terrorism, of treason. Blasphemy and slaughter? The feelings and convictions of the majority in the Syrian streets, of which the Wahabbi proxies and yes-sir characterless have not even a bunch of supporters and popular bases, are total rejection of such a dialogue.

Yes, this is what it is, the Syrians' fight struggle, agonies and losing of the beloved among the elite of their beloved and dear family members have not been so generously and bravely paid for a dialogue with Riyadh gangs, led by  once a prime Minister of Syria, Riyadh Hijab, who seems to be not only a wahabi slave but a spy working for long as to distort every bright image and accomplishment  of Syria  !

 Today's Wahabbi slave's statements are indeed a farce! Hijab is threatening the Syrians of no dialogue but of the more of slaughter and bloodsheds!  Hijab is threatening the only big and objective superpower! Why should the Syrians dialogue with the Wahabbis through such a spy! The Syrians should never ever, and under no circumstances, even sit with such lackeys.  The Syrians fight, and on behalf of the whole world, against the foreign-backed al-Qaeda Wahabbi affiliates of more than a hundred country, has indeed been heroic and costly, but not  as to dialogue with those who have sold themselves to the Satan.

Is it politics even to imagine a small constructive role for the wahabi kingdom of Al-Saud in settling the crisis in Syria? Is it diplomacy to consider it out of question that the leopard did change its colors!!! At  least, the families who have lost their dears, belongings and dreams at the hands of  the Wahabbi affiliates, not to mention of their masters, are determined but only to do one thing, namely the fight against terrorism and wahabi terrorists.

It is for sure that  the majority of the Syrians are determined  to continue the cleansing of their Syria from the foreign backed cannibals of more than a hundred country, but not  on wasting a single second to dialogue with Riyadh  gangs of the terrorists of treason , slaughter and bribery.

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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