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The Coalition of the Humans!


The coalition of the humans to fight terrorism is active more than ever on the Syrian ground nowadays. This coalition is masterfully led by the Federal Republic of Russia, with its air, and sea giant force. It is the genuine coalition of true combatants against the cancerous evil of terrorism and in defence of all humanity.

The Syrian Armed and Defence Forces, the fighters and expertise of tolerance. fraternity, friendship and goodness are waging the sacred war of humanity, enlightenment and light against the cannibals and throat-cutters, against the barbarity, darkness and pre-historic mentalities of the new colonialists, ewes, as well as against those who sold themselves to the rotten evil of  the temporarily rich oil and gas producers and soon to be insane bankrupts.

The airstrikes and land operations are non-stop against terrorists and cannibals affiliated to tens of countries as well as to scores of countries. Actually, the airstrikes, particularly those carried out by Russia, the main pillar of international order, peace and security, have exposed the real identity of terrorism culprits, supporters, backers, and creators!

 Thus, the Syrians and their brothers' war against terrorism is escalated and  to the dismay of those countries who claim to fight terrorism, when they provide the terrorists on the Syrian ground with every means as to destroy Syria! The USA and its subordinates in the European Union, Saudi Monarchy, Qatar, Israel and Turkey are crying bitterly and trying every thing possible as to save their affiliated terrorists on the Syrian ground !

It is not a religious war against any religion, but the sacred duty of every human being as to save religions, be it monotheist or none, from those terrorist monsters who have been for more than four years destroying Jobar Synagogue, every church, mosque, not to mention every sacred monument, edifice, heritage. It is the duty of every human to respect and defend the sanctities of humanity, not only the duty of Syrians, Hizbollah, Iranians, Russians, but the duty of all; God has no particular nationality! God is goodness, amity, welfare, joy and pleasure!

It is the sacred duty of all humans, followers of a religion, or non-followers to fight against the cancerous terrorism which targets all with no distinctions, including the Hindus, Buddhist, Moslems, Jews, Christians and non believers worldwide! The decision to eliminate terrorism was taken and by a strong united Coalition, not by a single country! Those who are unwilling to join are free to do so, but they will be held accountable, and are expectedly to pay a heavy price, in light of the global spread of terrorism.  The US and Western use of terrorism as a political pressuring card should by now red-carded, and before it is too late!

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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