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The Syria Times Online Newspaper, Three Years On!

 H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad outlined in his recent interview with the Iranian  Khabar TV, October 4, 2015, that since the early days of the crisis, "this war has been a media and psychological war in the first place. This media war, particularly through Arabic TV stations, since only a few people here watch foreign TV stations, has made a great impact and has been able to distort reality for a large number of Syrians."

"But if we say that this was the case in the first year, things have started to become clearer gradually. So, these media outlets continue to make an impact in their countries, but they no longer have an impact in our countries, especially when it comes to foreign media outlets. I think that they are deceiving their people, not us," added President Assad, asserting that these media outlets have lost their credibility and have no impact.

The enemy bids to compel the Syrians to surrender through their virtual war by media and internet have been indeed doomed to failure. It isn't because the Syria times, but because of all Syrian media means and the voices of reason and truth regionally as well as internationally. The men of conscience, justice and right are still alive in the global village of today.

Minister of Information, Omrn al-Zoubi, re-launched on October the 6th, 2012, the e-Syrian Times. On the importance of re-launching the "Syria Times" e-newspaper, Minister al-Zou'bi said then: "We are in need for new tools to communicate with English-speaking communities, as to address the people of these communities and present our views and causes the way they understand, and not the way we want to," asserting that the launching of this e-newspaper is not a kind of political or media luxury, but is an urgent need to communicate and interact with the other in complete transparency, accuracy and credibility.''

 Actually, the main task of an Online e-newspaper isn't only to convey objectively and transparently information, as much as it is to interact with readers. The ongoing crisis in Syria, which has left its imprints on the contents of this e-newspaper, has been covered by the Syria Times transparently and objectively and with a simple and straight to the point language. Further, the Syria Times is indeed honored to have the only available on line rich heritage of speeches and interviews made by the Late President Hafez Al-Assad. We do take pride in finishing the translation of the interviews by the late president from the year 1994 till 2000, and the speeches from the year 2000 till 1989 which can be now read through the newspaper website

The hyperlink between our e-newspaper and H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad's un-official website: is indeed the honor and prestige for us and a point of strength and power when it comes to interactive journalism and truth; hence all what His Excellency has been doing, saying and working for his citizens and country is registered in letters of honesty, reality and truth.


The Syria Times e-newspaper has been able to paralyze and limit the spread of fabrications and lies disseminated by those who kidnapped the domain ''syria times'' and added 'org', 'net', 'com', particularly during the 4-year closure of the official Syria Times. In the global village of today, the age of e-newspapers is the real age of journalism without borders. The Syria Times has followers in more than 120 countries worldwide not to mention those followers through its social media sites on face book and twitter.

What has further distinguished our e-newspaper is the big number of readership clicks, nearing a 5-million click, and the messages of support, appreciation and solidarity with Syria's political leadership as well as with its war against the takfiri, wahabi and al-Qaeda affiliated terrorists.

On the third anniversary of the re-launching of the Syria Times, I am indeed honored to publish some samples of the interactive messages received from our readers from October 2014 till now:

 My Appreciation To President Bashar Al Assad

 Dear President Bashar Al Assad

I appreciate your fight against fanatic islamic groups and the other terrorists that have similiar purposes and aims to divide Syria.

The Majority of the turks know that the Türkish President Recep Tayyıp Erdogan has done wrong towards you. I hope that he apologizes to you for his bad actions one day.

 Ben Hotz ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )


Ben Hotz

Naturalized Swiss citizen

Yours Faithfully

Please, convey this Email to Bashar al Assad.



Supporting Mr. Assad

I would like to be able to support president Assad and his country in whatever way possible.. How may I be able to do this... Please let me know.. Thank you....


Logan Driedric ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )


Happy birthday to President al-Assad

Dear Sir/Madam,

Please wish President Assad a happy and peaceful birthday. I am sorry that my government does not recognize his leadership in the fight against the terrorists infesting this ancient and honorable land.

May Allah bless the President and the people of Syria on this special day.


Mike Marinacci, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Fairfax, California, USA



Birthplace of Christianity

This is Syria. The cradle of civilization. Birthplace of Christianity. A beautiful pearl. A country that is rich in culture and history. How can you not fall in love with this beautiful country? Barbarians and cavemen from the Stone Age are trying to destroy and wipe out these historical sites. How could this happen? This had never been possible, if they were not supported by their foreign employers and masters, in form of training, logistics, financing and intelligence information. Syrian army are fighting against states, and not gangs. Syrian army will not rest until all terrorists are expelled or killed and the country are safe again. God bless you all.

Pray for Syria.

23 July 2015

William Benjamin, Sweden


A strong wall against international terrorism!

I would like to thank all Syrian people, for their continued fight, against the USA and NATO supported ISIS. I wish to give my deepest gratitude to the Syrian Arab Army and it`s leader President Assad! I know, that this war is not an war of Syrian people against Syrian people, but a war of the Western powers, to gain free access over Syrian oil and gas, using Syria as an cheap means, to even further steal the oil of Iraq, and finally to get gain control over Iran! 

Every honest, and peace loving person, is with you the Syrian people!

08 July 2015 



Congratulations for the excellent article "Ever within the Shady Shadows!"

Dear Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

 I want to congratulate you with the excellent article "Ever within the Shady Shadows!"  about late President Hafez Al-Assad, an example for us all, published on the Syria Times website.

 I truly enjoyed reading this very interesting biographic article. This is one of the best, if not the best, article I ever read about the father of modern Syria.

 I hope and encourage you to write a follow up article about the wisdom and leading  and guiding talents of President Bashar Al-Assad, another great example of statesmanship  and diplomacy for us all.


Kris Janssen


06 June 2015.


Support from Western Countries

I consider it a disgrace that western governments are not supporting the legitimate government of Syria to rid the country of these so called rebels who bring nothing but death and destruction to a peaceful people.I am just a working class man from the United Kingdom who is never involved in politics but it infuriates me that we sit back and let this continue when intervention on behalf of the Syrian government could help bring this to an end and bring peace to your people.

28 April 2015 

Kevin Anderson

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


the best of luck in your fight against ISIS

  I see Kerry is on the way. I wish you both the best of luck in your fight against ISIS. Also again, I would urge you to get the cows to come home. Have a Barter Fair, drink some beers and have pizza with a few. After taking a good look and the evil powers of ISIS I would think they might consider fighting for their country instead of against it. What's in it for me? I don't like preplanned wars in a Bible. Good luck and blessings to the both of you..

Lookin tight....


 Susan Nielsen Colville Heights


Turkey....enough already!!

I am Greek, with grandparents who were kicked out of turkey in 1922... I have nothing against the Turkish people. But the world knows that the Turkish government is CRIMINAL, AND IN VIOLATION OF INTERNATIONAL LAW... (so is the Israeli...). Since 1894 turkey has massacred it's Christian population, (which started happening actually in the ottoman empire, since 1453, when Constantinople, Istanbul, fell), with the genocide of millions of the Greek, Armenian and Assyrian minorities... And the ethnic cleansing of north Cyprus, after the Turkish invasion in 1974, where Greeks were murdered, and their women from 12 years old to 75, were raped, and Greek properties stolen.... Germany APOLOGISED to the world for what hitler had done. But turkey NEVER DID.... AND EVEN DENIES THE GENOCIDES EVER HAPPENED!! It now continues to violate international law! It doesn't recognize the rights of the Kurds. It jails journalists that speak the truth. It occupies 40% of Cyprus illegally, and wants to 'share' the oil deposits that belong to Cyprus! It daily violates Greek air and sea space. It denies Greece its sovereign right- under international law- to expand its sea borders in the agean sea to 12 naut. miles, (they are currently at 6 naut. miles). And if Greece does so, turkey threatens war!! (But there are holy monks in Greece that prophecy, that if turkey invades Greece, Russia will intervene and invade turkey....where 1/3 of Turks will die, 1/3 will become Christian, and 1/3 will retreat into the Far East. But Greece will NOT fight in this war-hasn't it suffered enough from the Turks already?). So we shall see if there is a God who defends the innocent, and punishes the greedy and the wicked... We shall see.

Tim faraos

07 February 2015 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Italian Citizen

Long live Syria and her GREAT PRESIDENT!!!!!

Dino Vergati

07 February 2015

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


A Letter from a Supporter in Australia

I can only speak for myself as an Australian citizen when I say that I am deeply saddened by the suffering of the Syrian people. I salute the selfless bravery of every Syrian soldier and I have the greatest respect for the diligent and honourable patrons of the Syrian government.

There is indeed a conspiracy against Syria and the main reason why the world at large ignores it is twofold – control of the flow of information and political will. Australian citizens are bombarded daily with Israeli and American lies and our politicians dare not say a sensible word against Israel or the US if they value their position. For example, at Edith Cowan University, in Perth, Western Australia, a lecturer that gave a very balanced lecture on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict was subsequently threatened by a local Rabbi. The former head of the Australian Labour Party Simon Crean was pushed out of his position because he did not, in Australian Jewish News words, “reign in the anti-Israel sector of his Party.”

Dissent is costly and information is scarce at best. Thankfully, the information that this site provides (in English) allows people such as myself to competently defuse the lies that are being told about Syria and its wonderful leader Bashar al Assad. The beneficial aspect of this function is possibly overlooked. I believe that one of the reasons the citizens of the West rejected their leaders attempts to invade Syria was due to this information. So, please keep up your very important work. Thank you kindly for your efforts.

 Alex Friday

07 February 2015


 MR. Kerry gave millions of dollars to AL Nusra and the FSA (most likely ISIS)

 MR. President Bashar Al-Assad,

 I've watched your interview and you're one of my idols, you want what's right for your people and in every interview it's clear how much you care about your country. I had wanted to go to Syria and help you out to defeat ISIS, unfortunately I

can't go without clearance from you. If you fall the middle east shall

fall, this is certain.I have seen my country destroy yours and others and

I am ashamed to be under these leaders.

MR. President. I wish you the best of health and hope people realize what my government and its allies have done. PS MR. Kerry gave millions of dollars to AL Nusra and the FSA (most likely ISIS

as well)while I can't even feed myself because I don't have any money.

Hope to hear from you!



This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 A Letter from a supporter in America

Good evening and hello,

I would like to respectfully ask the owner or maintenance person for this website to pass along a message I have for Mr. President al-Assad.:

I want to thank you, President al-Assad, for doing more to keep us Americans safe than even our own government does. I want to thank you for fighting so hard against ISIS and al-Qaeda and I want to thank you for doing your part to try to stabilize the entire Middle East as well. I consider both you and your father, the previous leader of your lovely country, to be some of the greatest statesmen of all time and I admire your will to stand up for the good of your people.

Lastly, I want you to know that while I love my country (The US) very much, I do not agree with the US government's smear campaign against you.

I think that you are a lovely and respectable leader who deserves respect and thankfulness in your fight against terror, not ridicule. So, thank you for all that you do to combat terrorism, and thank you for making the world a safer place.

Bless you, President al-Assad.

18 November 2014

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


 Bonjour Monsieur le Président Bachar el-Assad,

Je me présente à vous, je me nome Robert Falck, Rauwber Falcon, Amour du Faucon.

Lumière d'ententes en ciel pour vous, les choix et placements pour votre famille Pays et le soutien au(x) peuple Arabe(s), les choix sont parfois difficile à faire et exécuter. Alhla est Âmi de moi, Buddha est mon Tuteur, les peuples de la terre mes aimées.

Voyez à prendre du temps pour m'observer et me flairer en ami depuis des temps ancestraux. Je vous donne mes localisations en faim de Page.

Bien à Vous et pour Vous, mes amitié et amour à votre Dame et votre famille.

 De la nuit lointaine, les étoile scintillantes vous font présence pour vous guider, vous suivre et vous aimer aider ❣❣❣


 M. Robert FALCK

Mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

FaceBook: iMajeur Robert Falck

Site Professionnel:

Site Création Naturelle:




Dear Sir-Madam,

 I would like to congratulate you for your sincere efforts to keep the cover of events in the country by risking daily your life. SANA English and Syria Times is truly valuable and provided that constantly under extreme circumstances.

 Here in Greece we monitor the events in Syria closely and nobody supports the Islamic rebels side, after being briefed about the true nature of this guerilla war.

 Unfortunately the western media are trying to saw the rebel ‘’kind’’ side,  but ‘’you tube’’ is the source of their criminal actions and religious fanatism.

 The current government in Syria is the only that can preserve one true progressive state, and protect against a possibility of a Caliphate or a Libya chaos, that those ignorant are asking and screaming in their videos….

 Wishing you the best and beyond all, health for your people and especially to your colleagues.

 Best regards,

 Tsakiropoulos Dimitris

 Athens Greecef

30 October 2014


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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  The Syria Times e-Newspaper, Two Years On

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