Happy Birthday!


The Umbilical Cord for the majority of Syrians is but with their elected leader, H.E. President Bashar Hafez Al-Assad. On a day preceding his birthday, September  11, 1965, an objective review for some of what H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad has been doing for his country, people, region and the world would make even objectivity itself  proud!

The ongoing is the unjust war of hatred, hypocrisy, treason, arrogance and blasphemy against Syria and its citizen president, who is committed  and loyal to the defense and protection of his people against multi-nation terrorism. The brave President has been living for and standing by and with the interests, welfare and safety of his people, with peace, security and stability of the region, if not the entire globe.

Dr. Bashar Al-Assad does not need presidency, leadership or any post at the helm of power. Leadership, however, does direly need him. To imagine Syria without such a wise brave president is to have a life without air, water , light, knowledge  and without any humanity. Syria, without such a president would be a zoo, where one is forced to cut off his/ her body members as to feed Daesh (ISIS): 'moderates' or 'non-moderates', al-Nusra, ewes, cannibals and many others!

 The President of Syria, whose continued Correction and March of Reform and Modernization was derailed by narrow selfish interests and jealousy of the ewes, colonials and the greedy, has been firm, steadfast and a real hero in the fight against terrorism, its backers and its masters.

On President Assad's birthday, one would but congratulate all humanity and goodness, congratulate the majority of Syrians, friends, the Resistance and all supporters of justice, knowledge, and civilization against injustice, ignorance and barbarity. The majority in Syria, not to mention the millions of the wise worldwide, do take pride in whatever this very president  has been doing in defense of all against cannibals, terrorists and against the enemies of success and of civilization.

Rest in Peace, our late President Hafez Al-Assad, our noble martyrs; Syria's fight against ignorance, darkness, occupation, terrorism and against  every evil is unabated. And the Syrians' victory against terrorism is definite and soon to take place! People who have President, Army, Friends and Resistance  like ours are to celebrate and drink the toast to all humanity,  welfare, peace and security!

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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