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Why Does the West Launch An Aggression against Us!


During President Bashar Al-Assad's interview with the French 'Paris Match Magazine, December 4, 2014, and in reply to this question: ''People describe you as being very close to your children. How do you explain to them what is happening to your country when you return home in the evening?''

H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad replies as follows: Of course, this discussion goes on in every Syrian house now; and the most difficult thing in this discussion is when you deal with children whose social consciousness has developed during this crisis. There are two basic questions asked, not only in our family but in many families. The first question: how can people who believe or say they are defending God and Islam kill and murder? This is a case which is not easy to explain, and children ask whether these people know that they are wrong. And the answer here is that there are those who know but make use of religion for private purposes, and there are ignorant people who do not know that religion is good. They think, instead, that religion means killing.

 The second question: why does the West launch an aggression against us, and why does it support terrorists and destruction? Of course, they do not say the West in general; they specify certain countries, including the United States, France, and Britain. Why do they do that? Have we done anything to hurt them? We also explain to them that people are something, and states are something else.

The following about 200 photos, as published by President Bashar Al-Assad unofficial website, depict but some of what might be the most true and genuine reflection of humanity, kind heartedness and tenderness of the President of Syria and the First Lady. I kindly invite the Syria Times Online readers to cite but another example worldwide for another Presidential, Royal, Principal or whatever couple who are such humanly involved in bringing up the children of their respective countries. 

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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