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Who Stole the Laugh of Our Children!

 Following are some excerpts of the Syrian Presidential couple statements on different occasions regarding the beloved children of Syria:

Excerpts from Her Excellency Interview with the Spanish News Agency EFE , February 1st 2008:

"We have to encourage our children to think beyond closed borders, supporting them as to discover their capabilities and learn by their experience. We do not have even to fear as not to teach our children to carry out calculated risks, even playing with fire; what matters is their ability to evade getting burnt." 

"We lead a normal life like every Syrian family. Of my top priorities is to spend time with my husband, children, the big family- the Syrian Citizens- and friends. We enjoy spending some time outside the house. We are fortunate to have diverse climate in Syria enabling us to practice much of sport and activity outside the house. We are a family fond of bicycle riding; even my three-year-old son rides a bicycle. We enjoy visiting archeology place in Syria, which has more than three thousand archaeological posts. It is so important for me spending rich time with my family providing my children the love and support which they need." 

The tears of bereaved mothers will refresh the pure souls of their departed loved ones and burn the criminals, who stole the laugh of our children and here they are trying to steal their future in a safe, strong and stable country."

From H. E. President Bashar Al-Assad's January 6th, 2013.

"Our only solace – and here I'm not only offering condolences to their families; I am rather talking about the larger Syrian family – is that our country will be once again sound and healthy and that the children of this homeland will enjoy security, peace and stability."

From H. E. President Bashar Al-Assad's  June 04, 2012

Excerpts from Her Excellency Mrs. Asma Al-Assad's Statements in France, December 10, 2010

 ''The Syrian civilized heritage doesn't belong only to the fathers and grandfathers, but also belongs to the children and grandchildren if it is properly invested culturally and developmentally to benefit the future generations of our people.''

 Excerpts from Mrs. Al-Assad Statements to the Russian Press , 2005

“The Syrian people and government do accord big interest to the growing generations; once one becomes a father, he becomes more practical and realistic; once  became a mother, I discovered through my children themselves, a source very rich of knowledge and information for myself. I make use of this source once work on issues related to Child National Affairs. The role of our children should never be underestimated: they are great teachers, and we have to listen to and learn from them. This, in turn, makes us better parents and guaranteeing a continued frank dialogue among all of us.”

 The following about 200 photos, as published by President Bashar Al-Assad unofficial website, depict but some of what might be the most true and genuine reflection of humanity, kind heartedness and tenderness of the President of Syria and the First Lady. I kindly invite the Syria Times Online readers to cite but another example worldwide for another Presidential, Royal, Principal or whatever couple who are such humanly involved in bringing up the children of their respective countries. 

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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