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Salvation for All Humanity!

 What a treason and hypocrisy! Those who have aborted and slaughtered childhood are shedding tears for a Syrian child! Those who have supported every terrorism against the Syrians are sad! The non-humans new colonialists' ewes and cannibals have been, for more than 4 years of their dirty war against Syrians, slaughtering, raping, bombing and burning alive the Syrians!

The economic sanctions, smuggling of weapons, chemicals, terrorists, including those called 'moderates/ as well as the bloody bids as to impose characterless, lackey and sectarian leadership on the Syrians have caused, among other heavy losses, such a one-way flood of people and to the unknown!

Unfortunately, some of those fleeing the barbaric heinous crimes of ISIS, Al-Qaeda affiliates and all terrorists, whether affiliated to Qatar, Turkey, Saudi Monarchy, USA, France, Israel, sold their belongings and went in this adventure! Encouraged by the countries supporting terrorism against Syrians, such a big number of the deceived have been lost to the exploitation, blackmail and evil of traffickers.

Before the war against Syria in 2011, the number of Syrians who risked to go illegally abroad was almost null or in tens. Those cannibals and hand-made and trained terrorists by the colonials and ewes have caused such a human tragedy. It is only in this part of the world, where before the war every vital public sector and infrastructure, was almost free of charge.

 In this part of the world, none is to sleep hungry!  The Syrian society is well known with welfare, tolerance, amity and fraternity. We are all members of the one big Syrian Family, fathered and mothered by a unique kind hearted and tender caring President and First Lady, not to forget the heroes of the Syrian Army, Security and Defence Forces and those heroes of Hezbollah fighters.

The anti-Syrians are not yet done with our blood, flesh, heritage, culture and ambitions! The Syrians fight against terrorism is a matter of life, existence and morals. The sufferings of Jesus on the Cross have been but part of the salvation for all humanity. Whatever suffering and pain because of the fight against the foreign backed and trained terrorists, the Syrians' victory against terrorism and death is the salvation not only for Syria, the region but for the entire globe.

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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