Deceptive Role!


Gazing at al-manar TV rotating news bar, I am reading an item of news that the Foreign Minister of Al Saud, whose country is the main instigator, provocateur, payer and perpetrator of Al-Qaeda affiliated terrorism against Syrians, has a peace plan for Syria: parliamentarian and presidential elections under the supervision of the UN in Syria!

If this were to be a help for Al Saud to get down from the volcano velvet, why should it be? The bereaved mothers, wounded, martyred are not to rest in peace! They should, and how when it comes to the living among the Syrians! Do the Syrians and after more than four years of living around the clock fighting the terror and horror of Al-Qaeda Wahabbi affiliates need such a Saudi proposed election!?

 Can the minister of Al-Saud remember the last and even the first election, if any, in his Kingdom of treason and sands! Syria is a country of institutions, organizations, plurality, and democracy and of Statehood for at least 7000 years! This is Syria, the cradle of the monotheist religions, alphabet, music, agricultural and humanity. Syria's landslide vote for President Bashar Al-Assad in 2014 has indeed been a sharp cry against all the evil doers and makers!

The Kingdom of fratricide, ignorance and blasphemy needs the support of Syrians, who need nothing from them, but to withdraw their dogs and refrain from feeding financing and arming them. The Syrian Army, Defense Forces, the Lebanese Resistance, Iranian, Russian brothers, BRICS are the deciding factor in drawing the conclusions along with their invincible legendary Leader. The Saudis should first and foremost acknowledge their crimes and fratricides, against their people first and against the Syrians second, not to forget the people of the globe including those victims of the Al-qaeda and wahabbi terrorism worldwide!

If the Saudi kingdom of blasphemy and treason thinks of itself as the omnipotent with its dirty petrodollars as to deceive the Syrians- deception but not fratricide- let it be for politics, which should be characterized at least with some morals! It is a Syrian decision to give Al-Saud such a deceptive role or proposal for the solution! Be humble Mr. Minister once you are to visit Syria's true friends in Moscow; your voice should be low, polite with no exaggerations or deceptions. Watch out! Your kingdom of sand is shrinking and so are your masters, sir!

Al-Saud has in vain spent billions of dollars for the destruction of Syria. What can they do more for slaughtering the Syrians? It is Al Saud turn now to taste the poison of their hand-made wahabi terrorism! I dare the Saudi CIA hand-made and picked minister to propose parliamentary elections or any form of political elections inside the kingdom of sand! Enough is enough and the Syrians are fed up, but never ever defeated by your terrorism, with your fool, crazy, insane and ruthless intellectual rape and inhumane satanic alliances!

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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