Nobel for Fighting Terrorism!

 The Syrians have been, and for more than four years, exposed to a brutal terrorist war and have been living in a crisis! Yes, this is painful and dramatic. This crisis, however, has increased and even imposed some new thoughts, ideas, and discourse upon some of the Syrians. Among the increased has been the masses' strong belief in their leadership, and homeland. It is the leadership first because such a war of attrition against the homeland by al-Qaeda affiliates of more than hundred and ten countries would have left Syria in tatters without this very leadership, the sole power fighting terrorism on behalf of the whole world in the global village of today. Had there been a Nobel Prize for fighting terrorism, including tens of terrorist organizations, gangs affiliated to  Al-Qaeda and its ISIS, this very brave leadership should have won it.

 To the disappointment of anti-Syrians and wahabi terrorist sponsors and traffickers, the popularity of the Leadership of Syria has even been solidified, increased and skyrocketed. The more the crisis drags on, the more this popularity soars. It is commonly agreed upon by the Syrians nowadays that the only saviour and protector is but their own President H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad.

Thus, almost all of those who were misled at the beginning of the crisis have become aware of the danger and deadly poison of the cancerous wahabi takfiri hired terrorists and killers. The misled have also lost the stability and security, as much as the governments which refused to believe that the ongoing in Syria has been but terrorism and legitimate defense by all Syria; it is the duty of every individual, institutions and state to combat, fight and eliminate terrorism and its sponsors.

His Excellency President Bashar Hafez Al-Assad was very clear and definite in showing that the ongoing against Syria and the Syria steadfast People and hero Army was but a part of a "sinister plot for the whole region, which will not stop at our borders":

  • This spectacle started to unravel during the invasion of Iraq. Our position at the time was neither based on an irrational desire for confrontation nor on having an adversarial position to be applauded. We rejected the invasion of Iraq because we saw it as the beginning of division and sectarianism. It was a real concern towards a dangerous situation we were convinced was inevitable.
  • We also warned, from the very beginning, all those we engaged with that what was happening would not stop at Syria’s borders. It would spread because terrorism doesn’t recognize national borders.
  • Isn’t what we are seeing today in Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and all the countries that have been struck by the malady of the fake spring tangible evidence of the credibility of our repeated warnings?
  •  Soon we shall see Arab and regional countries that have supported terrorism also paying a painful price. Many of them will understand, though too late, that the battles fought by the Syrian people in defense of their homeland transcend our national borders.
  • It is actually in defense of many other nations that, sooner or later, will suffer from the same terrorism, either as a result of the shortsightedness of their leaders and their absolute ignorance of the real interests of their nations, or due to their lack of understanding of our region and how to deal with its people.
  • Did we need to wait twelve years to understand that invading Iraq would only bring terrorism and division to our region? 
  • Wasn’t our experience with the criminal Muslim Brotherhood in the 1980’s enough for us to learn our lesson, or did we have to wait thirty years for the arrival of executioners and cannibals, to realize that terrorism and exploiting religion are two sides of the same coin?
  • Who do not protect their country, who do not defend it and preserve it, neither deserve it nor deserve to live in it.
  • We took the decision to proceed on two parallel tracks: striking terrorism mercilessly on the one hand, and facilitating local reconciliations for those who were misled and wanted to abandon their wrong path on the other.
  • We were convinced, from the very beginning that effective solutions would have to be purely Syrian without any role for foreigners unless they were genuine supporters. All those who returned to the right path found the state to be a compassionate mother: angry with her ungrateful children, but forgiving when they genuinely repent. Today, I repeat my call to all those who have been misled to lay down their arms, because we will not stop fighting terrorism and striking at it until we restore safety and security to every inch of Syria.
  • The states that continue to support terrorism in Syria have tried to destroy all aspects of life within it.  The killing, which targeted Syrians from all walks of life without discrimination or exception, was concurrent with the systematic destruction of our infrastructure, which took decades to build and consumed the efforts, money, sweat and blood of generations of Syrians. 

 '' Syria has been exposed to a media attack; media, notwithstanding its importance, cannot outdo the reality. They might be stronger in space- satellite transmission-, but we are stronger on the ground than in the space. Still, we want to win on the ground as well as in the space." said H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad in press statements following the casting of his vote in Syria's New Constitution referendum, February 26, 2012. In his statements, President Al-Assad underscored that the Syrian official media is the best in the region, with an eye on competing not with those who are less, but who are better. Such a mad hysterical media attack of fabrications, lies and disinformation against everything Syrian has been escalated and aggravated by petro-dollar and western media outlets, which affirms, as President Al-Assad declared on August 29, 2012, that the '' Syrian media managed to expose them and undermine their media empires'' as a further ''proof of the success of Syrian media''.

What the West doesn’t know, or might know but does not realize, is that this terrorism will spread and find its way back into Europe; the western media is already rife with reports on the dangers of these terrorists returning to Europe. The West has paid heavily for funding al-Qaeda, in its early stages. Today it is doing the same in Syria, Libya and other places, and will pay a heavy price in the heart of Europe and the United States, said H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad in an interview with the Syrian TV on April 17th, 2013.

The Syrians are adamant on the cleansing of their country from every terrorist. Meanwhile, the anti-Syrians forces are adamant too on arming, training, and sending al-Qaeda affiliated terrorists into Syria. This is the general situation in Syria! So, will the Syrians surrender their country and destiny to the terrorists? Of course, NOT! The question is when the anti-Syrians would halt their war crimes against the Syrians, and which country would be the first to refrain from backing terrorists? Would it be Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, France, Britain, or the USA and Israel? Actually all of them, particularly the USA which has the moral obligation to order its affiliates to stop backing al-Qaeda affiliates.

"We have tens of thousands of Syrians that have died, mainly because of the terrorist attacks, assassinations, and suicide bombers, the majority… of the innocent people have been killed by the terrorists, supported by foreign countries, outlined H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad in his September 19,  2013  Fox News interview.

"When the terrorists infiltrate residential areas in villages and sometimes in the suburbs of the cities, and within large cities, and the army has to go there to get rid of those terrorists. The army should defend the civilians, not the opposite. You cannot leave the terrorists free, killing the people, assassinating the people, beheading the people and eating their hearts, "added H.E. President Al-Assad.

Thus, the problem now is the infiltration of those terrorists into Syria and the most dangerous problem that we are facing is the ideology of the terrorists, who are foreigners in their majority. Actually, President Al-Assad's questions to the Fox team were a stitch in time: "But what will you do when the terrorists attack your country and kill the people? Will you say that I'm against violence or you defend?" "What did you do in Los Angeles in the 90s when you had rebels? Didn't you send your army?"

It is indeed a human tragedy. It's not about numbers; it's about every family in Syria lost dear ones. We lost friends and that's why we're fighting terrorism. The Syrians are to get rid of the terrorists and their ideology. And "any diplomatic move without having stability and getting rid of the terrorists is going to be just an illusion."

Consequently, any diplomatic move should start with "stopping the flow of the terrorists, the logistical support of those terrorists, the armament support and the money support."

Terrorism is but the chronic disease of today's global village. Unfortunately, the world hasn't reached consensus so far as to clearly define and combat it; so it has been manipulated as a tool in the hands of some countries to combat others! Here in Syria, this terrorism, largely with a Wahabi branch, is engineered and backed by many countries worldwide.

H.E. President Al-Assad was so clear in his September 9, 2013 CBS interview that once the Western countries stop supporting those terrorists and making pressure on their puppet countries and client states like Saudi Arabia and Turkey and others, we will have no problem in Syria, and the crisis is to be solved easily, given the fact that the terrorists have lost their incubators in the Syrian society, not to mention, of course, the heroic fight of the Syrian hero Army.

Actually, terrorism mushroomed and lasted for more than two years in Syria because  of the "external interference, because there is an external agenda supported by, or let’s say led by the United States, the West, the petrodollar countries, mainly Saudi Arabia, and before was Qatar, and Turkey.  "For the petrodollar countries like Saudi Arabia, they’re thinking undermining Syria will undermine Iran on sectarian basis.  For Turkey, they think that if the Muslim Brotherhood take over the rest of the region, they will be very comfortable, they will be very happy, they will make sure that their political future is guaranteed."

Fighting terrorism is indeed like any other war: "When you have terrorism, you have a war". It is the Syrians' just war of defense against these cannibals who come from abroad, infiltrate inhabited areas, kill the people, take their houses, and shoot at the army. The majority of these terrorists are Al-Qaeda or Al-Qaeda offshoot organizations in this region, where they ban people from going to schools, ban young men from shaving their beards, and women have to be covered from head to toe, and let’s say in brief they live the Taliban style in Afghanistan, completely the same style. If you don’t get rid of those terrorists and these extremists and the Wahabi style, of course it will influence at least the new and the coming generations, outlined President Al-Assad.

"When you talk about Al-Qaeda it doesn’t matter if he’s Syrian or American or from Europe or from Asia or Africa.  Al-Qaeda has one ideology and they go back to the same leadership in Afghanistan or in Syria or in Iraq.. Al-Qaeda always uses religions, Islam - actually, as a pretext and as a cover and as a mantle for their war and for their terrorism and for their killing and beheading and so on."

H.E. underscored that the western and petrodollars support to terrorists should stop as to give peace in Syria a chance."If you want to support them, you are supporting Al-Qaeda, you are creating havoc in the region, and if this region is not stable, the whole world cannot be stable."Thus, any US strike(against the secular Syria) will be as direct support to Al-Qaeda offshoot that’s called Jabhat al-Nusra and the Islamic State of Iraq, who used the chemical weapons in northern Aleppo five months ago." It is going to be indeed direct support to  Al-Qaeda and the same people who killed Americans in the 11th of September. 

H.E. President Al-Assad disclosed that before the 11th of September, in his discussions with many officials of the United States, some of them are Congressmen, he used to say that “don’t deal with terrorists as playing games,”, rhetorically asking the American journalist about what he would do as an American if the terrorists are invading his country from different areas and start killing tens of thousands of Americans. So, the ongoing in Syria isn't the president fight nor of the government; it is indeed the legitimate defense of every honest and true Syrian against the cannibals of more than 80 countries.

It is indeed as H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad stated to Der Spiegel Magazine on October 7, 2013, that Killing innocent people and terrorizing them by explosions and car bombs, brought to our country by al-Qaeda, is what causes pain and fear to the Syrian people.

We "needed to confront terrorism; it’s the duty sad to Der Spiegel, asserting that What concerns the Syrians is but their country, which theof the government to defend the country and take the relevant decisions to that effect,'' said President Al-Asy are defending against al-Qaeda terrorists that have been attacking them for months.

The terrorism against Syria, with all of its components, infrastructure, heritage, culture. State and people, should be eliminated. We have no other choice but to defend our country, to trust and believe in our victory and in saving our great Syria.

When an end is put to billions of dollars flowing from Saudi Arabia and Qatar, when Turkey stops its logistical assistance to the terrorists, then we can solve the problem in a few months. And by then, the Syrians would restore stability.

That’s why we must get rid of the terrorists, of their ideology that has infiltrated certain areas of Syria, because it is more dangerous than terrorism itself, underscores President Al-Assad to Der Spiegel, pointing out that such a rotten ideology has encouraged even an eight-year old boy to slaughter a man while adults and children watch and cheer as if they were watching a football match.

 We have fought terrorists, because from the very first week, we had many victims from the army and the police, from the very first few weeks. So, that's normal, what we did, according to the constitution. This is the job of the government, underscored H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad on September 29, 2013 in an interview with the Italian Rainews 24 Satellite Channel.

The way out from the crisis is to stop the violence by stopping the smuggling and sending the terrorist form outside Syria, stopping the financial support, stopping sending them armaments and every logistical support, outlined President Al-Assad, asserting the dire need as to rid part of the Syrian society from the ideology of al-Qaeda that invaded many communities in our region.

''You cannot talk about reform and democracy while the ideologies are single-minded ideologies that don't accept any other one, because democracy, real democracy, is about accepting the others,'' added H.E. President Al-Assad.

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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