Iran's Fundamental Role in Fighting Terrorism Bolstered!

 The role of Iran in the region has been a cornerstone in the fight against oppression, hegemony and terrorism. Here comes the importance of Iran's yesterday signed agreement regarding its peaceful nuclear program, as well as the importance of Iran's support to the Syrian people in their war, on behalf not only of the region, but of the entire world against terrorism.

"The support provided to the Syrian People by the Islamic Republic of Iran is but a fundamental cornerstone in the battle against terrorism," as H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad underlined in a May 19, 2015 statement.

"The same relation that we could have described 35 years ago since the Islamic revolution in Iran in 1979, when Syria stood by that revolution, supported it while many countries, but mainly the West and the Gulf states, stood against it, then later Saddam Hussein attacked Iran and we supported Iran. Now, Iran supports Syria. So, it’s a mutual support which is actually an alliance. So, it’s an alliance. That’s how I can describe it," according to similar statements by President Assad on April 17, 2015 statements to the Expressen

"Iran is an important country to our region. It’s a big country, it’s a developed country, proportionally, at least. But that influence, I would look at it in a positive way, because Iran is a country that seeks to have more stability, for its interests. Any country has interests. So, it is influential, but in a positive way,'' added President Assad on April 17, 2015 statements to the Expressen.

Iran's yesterday concluded nuclear agreement has been indeed a great victory and historic achievement as outlined by President Assad in his two congratulatory cables to the Iranian leadership and people.

 “This agreement crowns, without fail, the steadfastness of the Iranian people, with all their components and inclinations, in the face of unjust  sanctions; apart from the cruelty of those sanctions, the Iranian people have created an opportunity from the sanctions as  to boost their own capabilities up and take their researches, universities and achievements to high levels that earned them the recognition of the entire world.''

Yesterday's signed agreement has indeed been  a “major turning point” in the human history as well as “unequivocal recognition by the world of the peacefulness of the Iranian nuclear program on the way of continued  momentum of Iran's support for the just issues of peoples and work for peace and stability worldwide. It is the very victory for all of peace advocates worldwide.

It is hoped that this historic agreement would motivate, if not oblige, others, especially those who occupy Syrian, Lebanese and Palestinian land, to sign the NPT (Non-Proliferation Treaty). In the global village of today, nukes are the ugliest forms of terrorism and most dangerous risks against those who stockpile them, and even more than on the neighbors!

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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