Miracle or A Must !

 A miracle or not, the countries responsible for the terrorists and their barbaric crimes and massacres in Syria have to, better now than later, rally and unite efforts as to stop their criminal support and all-out backing for terrorists and criminals from more than a hundred country. This obligatory stop is, however, in implementation for the so-far non-implemented anti-terrorism UN Security Council resolutions.

Such a stop is also to protect these countries and their own people and not the Syrians. The Syrians war against terrorism is an epic of steadfastness, sacrifices, and all-humanity victory. No leadership worldwide has called and fought terrorism and its supporters more than the Syrian Leadership, who was the first to warn against such a deadly cancerous epidemic, and since the 80's of the last century!


Will  nilly, the founders, sponsors and masters of terrorism and their ewes have not only to search for some means to save their heads, countries and citizens from their own hand-made terrorists; they should outline a Marshal Plan as to rebuild what their cannibals and criminals have been perpetrating of massacres, destruction and laughter against the people of the first alphabet, musical note and agriculture!

Even all the world's compensations are for the majority of the Syrians nothing compared to the sacredness of our martyrs' sacred drop of blood, or a drop of a Syrian bereaved, but honored, family, those who have masterminded and brain-washed terrorists should be held accountable.  

Here comes the importance of Turkey's President, Mr. Erdogan's  recent statements, as reported by Turkish-language daily Hurriyat:  "If it were not due to the support of Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar for the militants-terrorists and cannibals- in Syria, they could not have achieved anything," asserting that Ankara, Riyadh and Doha have supplied military and logistical backup for the terrorists. However, such statements are not by US Vice-president, Biden, nor by Israel's Netanyahu!

Mr. Erdogan, who was first introduced at least into the Arab political scene, if not into what loyalty and friendship mean, by the leadership of Syria, should, instead of massing up troops, apologize for this country, people and leadership, should indeed work in the interest of all of his citizens, not only for Justice and Development citizens. Erdogan, in the global village of today, should know that massing up troops can in a button touch evaporate! Syria is not alone in its fight against terrorism.

With this in mind, Mr. Erdogan should well read the statements of Turkey's former foreign minister, Yaşar Yakış and of the former Commander of the Turkish Armed Forces, Mehmet Ilker Basbug: "The Turkish government is not entitled to interfere in the domestic affairs of Syria and disrespect Syria's territorial integrity under any pretext," Yakış told the Turkish media.

Basbug called on Ankara to revise its policies and support Syria: "Fighting the ISIL in Northern Syria should be pursued by the Syrian government forces, if Turkey comes to support the central government in Syria, finding a proper solution to settle the crisis in Northern Syria will be easier."

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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