They Have to Pray !

 Syria, under the wise and historic Leadership of President Bashar Hafez Al-Assad, is the pioneer in fighting terrorism in the globe of today, and on behalf of the entire world. Thousands of terrorists and hired killers from more than a hundred country worldwide were sent in a one way-mission to Syria, the cradle of civilization, as to slaughter, rape, destroy and kill every Syrian, human or non-human!

Some countries set the prisoners and killers behind their bars free just in return for being dispatched into Syria as to slaughter the Syrians and their civilization. According to well- informed media sources, the prisons in n Saudi Monarchy were almost cleared off criminals as recruitment centers! The Syrian  Army and Resistance heroes defended not only the Syrians and Lebanese, but every human being worldwide. Once such cannibals are eliminated, flushed out, liquidated, the entire globe is but the winner. Syria's neighbors should more than others laud, appreciate and cooperate; hence they have been the most aggressive, but the most beneficial !


The Syrians, Iraqis are the most to pay the heaviest price for terrorism. Iraq has suffered the terrorism of sanctions, invasions, poverty as much as Syria has paid and even more of fabrications, sanctions, and invasions by thousands of terrorists, backed by some Western leaders, the USA, Israel, ewes, Turkey. Unfortunately such countries not only backed but were on the ground as part of the ongoing barbaric terrorist war against Syria and its diversity.

The Syrian President  was more than brave and courageous in  defending his citizens, country, civilization, and all humanity. His words have been his deeds and President Assad fought global terrorism on behalf of the entire world. If hundreds of those notorious terrorists weren't to be eliminated by the Syrians and their allies, how would the globe of today, especially Europe, neighbors, Gulf, USA, would appear today? For more than 4 years of Syria's modern history, the Syrians have been fighting the terrorists of more than a hundred country.  It is the Syrians' sacred duty and destiny to fight terrorism on behalf of all, including those who are the creators and sponsors of terrorism themselves!

The Syrians, who saved many of American's lives and of many nationalities too, according to US top officials, have had to face the cannibals and the killers at times only with their bare hands, and at times with medium and heavy weapons. If a group of terrorists were hidden deep like rats inside a tunnel  or a mined building, the Syrians have to use tens of bombs as to liquidate the terrorists and the simplest way is to group the bombs in a parcel, souvenir, cane, whatsoever as to get the world safer without those terrorists. The Syrians know no surrender, and how when it comes to being surrendered to cannibals!

Fighting terrorism by now has become the Syrians' profession! We sacrifice for the entire globe and those who want or who are about to pay heavy prices for their creation, support of terrorists, have indeed to distance themselves from terrorists and wash their hands off  from terrorism first and foremost. The hands of Syria have always been extended for those who  repent and decide to work for  the interest of the global stability, well-being, welfare, humanity and security.

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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Should They Pray?