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Should They Pray?

 The ongoing on the ground in Syria is a concentrated operation by the leaders of terrorism and its backers as to slaughter the more of Syrians, and spoil the more of its sacred soil. The sponsors of terrorism gave the orders for their cattle on the ground, but in vain.

This is Syria, where the Leadership, Army and people are but one. The terrorists were crushed in the southern part of Syria: southern front. Yes, Syria and all of Syria consists of fronts of defense against terrorism. Further, the terrorists and their masters, financers, backers, with their MOC's were crushed too in central, northern, and Eastern Syria.

The victories achieve by Syrians, not to forget the brothers and friends too, against terrorism are indeed heroic. From all the world, the terrorists are brought armed to teeth by the ewes and their masters  to Syria. The fool who sponsor such a frenzy barbaric war of terrorism against Syria aim at the destruction of the most rich civilization and most wise and democratically-elected and beloved leadership.


The Syrian message to the world is clear as ever: in Syria every true Syria is an Army member when comes to the defense of civilization and light against terrorism and brutality; in Syria, ever true Syrian has dedication, loyalty and passion for  the President, who is even by now more immune and stronger by his citizens.

He is the President, according not only to a Syrian citizen, but to Russian Security Council Deputy Secretary Yevgeny Lukyanov,   for whom, "The states of this region, like Saudi Arabia, Gulf countries, and perhaps some others, should pray for Bashar al-Assad. This is the last security line for them."

Hopefully, better now is the birth of a new real alliance against terrorism,  than wasting all petrodollars for the destruction of the cradle of civilization. Is it still possible for a real alliance against the caner of terrorism; such an alliance, if real, would be in the interest of all humanity, the very humanity which Syria has been, under the leadership of its hero President, and with the help of the brothers and friends, fighting for and defending from cannibals, extremists and terrorists.

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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