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A Fox is Not Taken Twice in the Same Snare




A fox is Not taken twice in the same snare; and how is it to be when the conspirators and their  tools are the ewes of today's geopolitical zoo! The ewes and their masters are preparing the ground and setting the trap for Syria under the false pretext of ''chemical weapons'', which are impossible to be used by any country against its own people. None in the world should worry about a child more than his mother and father; and surely any world government is but like a father and a mother for its citizens.

What a paradox when the US perpetrators of Hiroshima, Nagasaki, not to mention its Nevada recent nuclear test,  and the Britons who were the first to use chemicals against Turks in Sinai in 1917 , tremble and voice concern about the Syrians, whose government and Army have been sparing no effort, nor blood to defend them against the heinous crimes of al-Qaeda affiliated terrorists. These very terrorists who are according to press reports, to cite but the Turkish Yurt report, are preparing in a lab near the town of Gaziantep in Turkey for a possible chemical attack against Syrians in coordination with the conspirators and ewes in a prelude for a foreign intervention in the cradle of civilization.

Syria, surrounded by hundreds of Israeli nukes, pertains its right to defend itself by whatever means; and it is ready to do so by its people and Army. When it comes to foreign intervention, the Syrians are to set the land under the aggressors' foot ablaze. This isn't a threat, and should never be read so; it is indeed the legitimate right to defend our existence. The majority of the Syrians want but the just peace, dialogue, reconciliation, security and stability. This very majority is, however, ready for martyrdom in defense of the homeland; and every Syrian would be but a chemical, nuclear weapon in the face of aggressors. The wrath and patience of the Syrians and of their allies should never be put to test. The only possible solution to the crisis is the dialogue among the Syrians themselves and by themselves. Such a dialogue should be characterized by a shared commitment to the common interest of Syria and Syrians, and should no way reflect the greedy colonialist interests of the petrodollars, ewes and their masters.

According to Lawrence Wilkerson, a retired US Army Colonel who was Chief of Staff to Colin Powell, in statements to Russian TV, RT, ''Syria will never use chemical weapons against its own people. Instead, the reality is that US is “preparing the ground to intervene in Syria,'' asserting that such an act  would lead to a conflict “that would take at least a decade to settle – and there aren't going to be too many victors at the end of that decade, just losers,”

Wilkerson added that the then US Administration's baseless information provided to  the American people, to the international community and of course to the members of the US Security Council in Powell's speech "was not accurate, it was not true, it was not valid. We did not know that, but it was not just an intelligence failure. It was also the massive politicization of intelligence by the leadership in Washington.". To what extent the US, its ewes, and allies are able to take the Mideastern fox in the same snare is indeed in the court of the wise, Russia, China, and every sane in the global village of today.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim