The Road Map to Ending the Crisis (2)

 As Geneva 1, Geneva 2 calls for the establishment of a ''transitional governing body'' that can establish a neutral environment in which the transition from the state of living under the constant threats of terrorist attacks can take place. All states supporting the terrorists –lethally or non-lethally! Should refrain from doing so as well as from shedding crocodile tears for the same Syrians whom they have been slaughtering. It is for the Syrian people- living on Syrian territories, holding no other nationality other than the Syrian Arab Nationality- to determine the future of their country. All groups and segments of society inside the Syrian Arab Republic, must be enabled to participate in a national dialogue process as well as in whatever referendum, elections and on the territories of the Syrian Arab Republic.

 Thus, at least the martyrs and wounded of the hero Syrian Army and National Defense Forces and their family members of all Syrians would accept no less than the January 6th 2013 political program for the solution of the crisis as outlined by H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad. Actually no meeting, be it Geneva or whatever, can be a success without taking the said program into serious consideration and implementation: calling the regional and international states and bodies connected with the armed groups to cease financing, arming and sheltering them, and calling these armed groups to abide by immediate cease of violence of all forms for preventing bloodshed and safeguarding the homeland and its unity, sovereignty and independence, calling the international society, with all its bodies, organizations and states, to support the political solution of the crisis in Syria, to combat terror of all forms, and to abide by implementing the related UN resolutions, including banning exporting arms to the terrorist groups and stop their financial, political and informative support.

Accordingly, starting from the principles and objectives of the UN Charter, the International Law, the related UN resolutions and the Geneva Declaration issued on 30.06.2012 ascertaining the sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity of the states and non-interference in their internal affairs, and believing in  the necessity of dialogue among the Syrian people under the leadership of  H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad, the defender, savior and guardian of all Syrians, and for drawing up the political future of the democratic Syria on the basis of political multiplicity, and with a view to creating a safe and stable climate based upon ceasing all forms of violence, the Political Program for solving the crisis in Syria will include- as the Syrian Government's executive plan for the implementation of the said program stipulates- firstly- the Preparatory Stage: the abidance of all territorial and international states and parties by stopping financing, arming and providing refuge for the armed groups; the abidance of all armed groups by immediately ceasing all forms of violence; the abidance of the army and the armed forces by ceasing military operations except in cases of defending themselves, citizens and public and private properties; finding a mechanism ensuring the abidance of parties by ceasing violence and control of borders; facilitating the reach of humanitarian aids to those deserving them; starting rehabilitating infrastructures and paying compensations to damaged citizens; providing the necessary guarantees for the Syrian citizens who have left because of the events, and facilitating their return through the border inlets; providing guarantees for all Syrian opposition movements to enter, stay and leave the country without pursuing or detaining them for the purpose of participating in the national dialogue; entrusting the Ministry of Justice to cooperate with other concerned bodies for taking the necessary actions for speeding up referral to the judiciary and taking decisions in suitcases under hearing due to the current events, setting free persons whose incrimination has not been proved and settling the situations of anybody handing in his weapon to the concerned bodies and not pursuing him due to that; and carrying out extensive contacts by the Syrian Government with the national opposition, parties, all political powers and civil society bodies, including social, religious and economic bodies, to immediately start open dialogues for holding the comprehensive National Dialogue Conference in Damascus.

Secondly- the Transitional Stage, starting after finishing the Preparatory Stage, is to include the following: the Government calls for holding a comprehensive National Dialogue Conference aiming at drawing up a National Covenant based upon adherence to the sovereignty of Syria, and the unity and integrity of its lands and people; denial of all forms of external interference in the Syrian affairs; rejection of all forms of violence and terror; drawing up the political future of the democratic Syria and agreeing upon the constitutional and judicial system and the political and economic features on the basis of the political multiplicity and the rule of law, adhering to the civil status of the state, ascertaining equality among citizens irrespective of race, religion and ethnics, freedom of opinion, respect of human rights, combating corruption, developing administration, agreeing upon new laws for parties, elections, local administration and information, and other matters to be agreed upon in the conference. During this transitional stage, the would be National Covenant should be put before people referendum for approval; an expanded government with wide executive powers, should be formed as per the constitution rules, representing the Syrian society components and entrusted with the task of forming a constituent assembly for drawing up a new draft constitution in implementation of what has been agreed upon in National Dialogue Conference about the constitutional and judicial system and the political and economic features of the renovated Syria; once  the constituent assembly finishes its work, the draft constitution would be put forth for referendum to be approved by the people; after accrediting the constitution, such an extensive government would adopt the laws agreed upon in the Dialogue Conference as a preliminary step toward issuing them as per the new constitution; and the parliamentary elections based upon the new election law and in accordance with the constitution rules are to take place.

During the third Stage, the new government is to be formed in accordance with the new constitution; the National Reconciliation Conference is to be convened with a view to restoring firm bonds among Syrian citizens starting from the nationalistic and ethical concepts that have characterized the Syrian citizen; issuing a general amnesty for crimes committed during the events, setting free detainees and stopping pursuing any citizen as a result of those events, while preserving civil rights of the related persons and completing and speeding up works of rehabilitating infrastructures, rebuilding and compensating citizens damaged by the events.

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim