Geneva 2: where to?

The Syrian official delegation to Geneva 2 talks is to get reengaged in talks with the Coalition of the opposition of the multinationals in the name of Syrians! This engagement is indeed strange for many analysts; how could the Syrian official delegation of the veterans re-engage itself with the characterless figures of such a multinational-affiliated opposition, which in the first round of talks rejected every national Syrian principle and fundamental basics!

Thus, one would here have the legitimate questions: why do we take part in Geneva 2? Actually, the mere participation of Syria is a further proof of the Syrians' strength and strong commitment to hold talks with the masters of the characterless Coalition yes-half-men! Geneva2 is another round of combating terrorism; yes, it is. The talks are held with the sponsors and backers of  the wahabi al-Qaeda affiliated terrorists on the ground.

Unfortunately, Switzerland, with all respect to this beautiful peaceful country, isn't the place to discuss a Syrian-Syrian issue, even the ongoing crisis in Syria has never been a Syrian-Syrian one. The crisis has been mainly planned for, and made by anti-Syrians among the ewes and the new colonial powers of  evil and hatred.

It is only in Syria and on the Syrian territories and by the Syrians themselves where Geneva would work and yield fruits. When it comes to the Syrians themselves, the people of civilization and history, they are masters in solving every crisis. And when it comes to the wahabi, ewes, colonial powers, they are altogether- slaves and masters- the masters in treason, exploitation, bloodsheds, and terrorism.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim