Geneva 2 Is NOT an End Itself

 In Switzerland meetings, the only legitimacy is that of the Syrians' majority. Geneva 2 is only to help the majority to rid itself from the ugliest forms of merciless slaughter and killings at the hands of the most brutal cannibals of more than 83 countries.

Every Syrian soldier, officer, especially the martyred and wounded among them, is to be present in Geneva in commitment to the sacred integrity, anthem, Presidency, national unity, flag and glory of the Syrian Arab Republic. The cries of our bereaved mothers, sisters and children, their bitter tears, determination and challenge would be running in the nerves and veins.

The Syrian delegation in Geneva is accompanied by every Syrian will, pride, honour and determination to combat and fight al-Qaeda Wahabi affiliated terrorism. For the majority, going to Geneva means but going to Damascus, the only place in the world where only the Syrians themselves should among themselves talk, and talk and agree not to disagree. This is Syria where every Syrian is in reality a politician.

Syria is the only place, and would ever remain the most civilized, historic, beautiful cradle   of all civilizations, where the true Syrians- not those who have sold themselves to Lucifer- can freely, reasonably and transparently dialogue, talk and  cast their votes in any coming referendum, poll, or elections. Geneva is not an end in itself, but might be a means, a step forward as to rid all Syrians of the hired and merciless Wahabi killers, and as to rebuild Syria and restore the stability, peace and security.

Seeing is indeed believing; thus, I think the Syrian delegation speech would not be a 5-minute discourse, like other delegates who unfortunately represent many of the countries, which are in reality responsible for the crisis and bloodshed in Syria. All the world, and in every influential language, should watch and listen to, at the opening of the proposed meeting some of what the wahabi al-Qaeda affiliated terrorists have done to Syria and all Syrians and the attendees should see the printed, if not the filmed, ugly faces of foreign terrorists- their weapons used too- killed in Syria at the hands of the Syrian Army and defence forces.

Thus, the only legitimate representation of Syria in Geneva is not as to hand power over to al-Saud and their drug-dealers. Definitely, the mission of the delegation, empowered by the millions among the Syrians, would not be an auction neither a competition for hand-picking multi-national ministers and other officials of Syrian origin and of diversified multiplied international affiliations.

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim