Yes-Sir- Tools, Masters and Slaves!

The underway 'international war' by the 'willing' among the world's greedy powers. mostly characterized by a colonialist past, not to mention, of course, the inhumane liquidation of  the indigenous red Indians and others, is but a further sinister objective as to weaken, if not to dismember a sovereign great country. These powers have been racing against time, using every possible way, means, and yes-sir- tools and slaves, in the interest of their objective- an illusive one- in tune with the wrongly long-sought-for Israeli and takfiri hegemony!

Syria's Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister, Dr. Fayssal al-Mikdad, declared. in an interview broadcast live by the Syrian Satellite TV on September the 6th,  that the Syrian people do know that the USA and the Zionist entity are the mastermind for the ongoing aggression against Syria, when ''the orders regarding the ongoing aggression are for Turkey, France, Britain and for some Gulf countries in support of the terrorist groups and organizations as to shed the blood of the Syrian people''!

Actually, and according to different readings and analyses, the United States, in so doing, is to be taken further more in the same snare! Still alive in memory the US failures in Somalia, Afghanistan, and in Iraq; where the sown seeds are being cultivated by the USA!  Sep.11th  is still a heinous terrorist crime targeting every real human worldwide. The terrorists who were recruited, trained and groomed up by the American Government agencies have been targeting the US soil. One here cannot but to wonder whether the US soil- tainted with red Indians' blood- is different from others' soil, baptized with the blood of freedom fighters and martyrs. The same goes for the Zionist entity. In the global village of today, nobody should think himself to be on the safe side, while others are strenuously working to restore their security and stability.

Foreign and Expatriates Minister Walid al-Moallem, On August 28th, 2012, in the Independent published interview with Robert Fisk, addressed the Europeans that their ''slogan about the welfare of the Syrian people when you are supporting 17 resolutions against the welfare of the Syrian people'' is not understood. Indeed, it is beyond comprehension when the Europeans claim to be concerned and care about Syrians, when their unjustified sanctions hit the majority of Syrians! The Europeans who have exploited many countries worldwide should pay the people of these countries compensations and not penalize them. It is from here that your current prosperity, apart from the prevailing economic and euro-zone crisis, started, and so is the case when it comes to religion, science, history, medicine, and alphabet, not to mention other currently matter of pride and achievement European characteristics. Actually, the European, particularly the French, British and German, consistent meddling in Syria's internal affairs and the European logistic support, even if it were to be 'non-lethal', to the armed terrorist groups is a further black spot in their history.    One can not but to wonder whether the Europeans have been trying to overcome their Euro-zone crisis selling their weapons and sophisticated technology at the expense of the Syrians, with the help of petro-dollars generosity!

The Europeans, at least those involved in the conspiracy against Syria, are before a moral duty as to answer the statement issued by Information Minister, OmranAl-Zou'bi, on September 3, 2012, during his open meeting with accredited journalists, that "On October 19th 2010, there was a meeting for the European Union's foreign ministers, The ministers asked European intelligence agencies for specific details in four weeks time to launch the campaign against Syria."

Even the answer is clear; a clarification is indeed needed, especially when it comes to the so-far uncovered large quantities of weapons, ammunition, and means of killing the Syrians.  

So if one of the reasons is, as Minister al-Zou'bi frankly stated, that your role is the '' shadow of the US role for decades, not only in politics, but also in the military and economic spheres'', why should not Europeans try but once to look after their interests with the secular forces of construction away from extremism and away from the US hegemony over their decisions. Extremism, for which Europe paid a heavy price and waged two world wars, is the real threat and risk for all.


It is aid that a ''friend in need is friend indeed'', but what about a brother! So far, the known of the reasons behind such a war of attrition against the Syrian Arab People by 'some Gulf countries' are unjust and silly! Indeed the majority of the Syrians is satisfied, happy and indeed takes pride in their leadership, model of life, tolerance, unity and coexistence. Why do these 'some gulf countries, want and spare no efforts to kill our people! The majority, including our children, is fed up, but never weaken and -nor will be defeated-, with your bloody war of attrition targeting every Syrian.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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