Father Zahlawi: Coexistence forms the strong fabric of the Syrian society and explains one of the reasons for its steadfastness against the war

Father Elias Zahlawi has stressed that the war on Syria is illegal and that the Syrian state, as leadership, army and people, has kept steadfast despite the declaration of a war by 140 countries and hundreds of thousands of mercenaries and despite the imposition of an unprecedented blockade on the Syrians.

In a message addressing all peoples of the world and the European officials, Father Zahlawi questioned the legality and the open and hidden political and economic objectives of this global war on Syria. 

He said that throughout the years of the war,  Western mainstream media were keen day and night to fabricate lies and claim that the war in Syria was a "civil war." “Then suddenly a false wave of chivalry swept the entire West led by the United States within the United Nations that ended up with the declaration of war on Syria by 140 countries and the imposition of an unprecedented siege on the country at the military, economic and financial levels,” Father Zahlawi added.

Prominent challenges facing Arabism

The voices of Arab thinkers are being raised to emphasize the importance of preserving Arabism as a civilized concept and confronting the cultural and intellectual invasion and the attempts of imperialist and Zionist forces to undermine and distort Arabism in the mindset of the Arab community as it is a collective  ideology and the most threatening factor to the colonial interests in the region.

From Iraq, academic researcher Dr. Ahmed Al-Jubouri noted that the Arab identity has acquired its permanence and continuity from its relationship with Islam, the Arabic language and the land that mediates the ancient world. He indicated that the future awaiting this nation is greatly influenced by the civilization content it owns.

On the 62nd anniversary of the victory of its revolution, Cuba becomes an icon in the struggle against foreign hegemony

On January 1st,  Cuba marks the 62nd anniversary of the victory of the Cuban revolution and its independence. Cuba became an icon in the struggle against foreign hegemony, rejection of external interventions and a lighthouse guiding the way for the resistance men all over the world.

Syria and Cuba have been connected by  friendly relations and cooperation over decades. These relations are based on unchanged principles, chief among them are maintaining  national sovereignty and non-interference in the internal affairs of countries and supporting the just causes of peoples in face of the US and Western policies of   hegemony in a way that boosts the steadfastness of the two states and achieves the mutual interests of the two friendly peoples.

The crime of burning a Syrian refugee camp in Lebanon confirms the importance of the refugees’ return to their homeland

The recent burning of a Syrian refugee camp in the town of Minya in the north of Lebanon and leaving its residents homeless has not been the only aggressive incident that Syrian refugees in Lebanon have had to bear.

Despite the Lebanese officials’ unanimous condemnation of this crime and describing it as an individual act, this incident brings to mind the attack launched against Syrian refugees in the Lebanese town of Bcharre about a month ago on the backdrop of the death of a Lebanese youth by a Syrian in that area. This incident also reminds of the November, 2019 attacks by dozens of Lebanese youths against a group of Syrian refugees near a bank in Zahle town and against some shops owned by Syrian refugees inside the town of Arsal.

The Governor of North Lebanon Ramzi Nahra strongly condemned the fire incident, saying that “what happened was an individual act that led to a big tragedy and we condemn it as it has nothing to do with our habits and traditions.”  

"Moslem Brotherhood" a terrorist arm supported and used by the West to achieve its schemes in the region and the world

Al-Qaeda, Daesh and Jabhat Al-Nusra have been among many other terrorist organizations and extremist movements that were created by the West to implement its schemes in other countries.

The "Moslem Brotherhood" terrorist organization has been one of the most heinous extremist groups whose crimes in Syria and Egypt, and in the region in general, have served the West's colonialist agendas which aim at dominating the region, SANA Arabic said in a report on Friday.

Since its establishment in 1925 in Egypt by a person called Hasan Al-Banna with the help of colonialist countries, on the top of which were the United States, Britain plus the Zionist entity, the "Moslem Brotherhood" terrorist takfiri organization has implemented many conspiracies under the name of Islam.

It penetrated Arab societies and distorted Islam's instructions and values by badly using them in promoting its destructive ideas with the aim of brainwashing minds and controlling power in these societies.

This extremist movement has also massively exploited the Palestinian cause to achieve its goals.