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Shaaban: I do not know if the UAE has interest in normalizing relations with "Israel"

There is no talk with the occupier until the withdrawal from our land Buthaina Shaaban, the political and media advisor in the Syrian Presidency, considered that President Bashar Al-Assad's speech before the People's Assembly was a keynote speech, and that President Al-Assad presented visions for the people, the People's Assembly and officials.

In an interview with Al-Mayadeen TV, Shaaban stated that President Al-Assad confronted in the speech all the factors that affect the war on Syria, and made clear that the strategic vision must come out with plans that can be implemented.

She pointed out that President Al-Assad focused on the mechanisms of work and national identity, noting that the aim of criticism is to turn it into positive action mechanisms.  President Al-Assad in his speech spoke about the negatives, saying: "That criticism must be constructive."

Shaaban noted that the reform process has not stopped, and that what distinguished President al-Assad’s speech was a long-term view, saying that President al-Assad liked to convey a message about the existence of a media breakthrough, as he spoke that “internal Zionists” are the ones who speak to the Zionists abroad. Arab countries are witnessing breakthroughs, and our enemies focus on infiltrations more than they focus on wars. The psychological aspect is an essential part of the war on Syria, underlining the importance of President Al-Assad ‘s speech in fortifying  the country.

Shaaban asserted that the most important tools for confrontation are confidence and public awareness, adding that confronting the media war is not limited to awareness, but needs procedures and plans, and patience in addition to work, will and innovation.

"When the enemy decided to release Sidqi al-Maqt, he refused to go out on the conditions of the Israeli enemy, which is an honorable stance, "Shaaban said, adding that  the indication of mentioning Sidqi al-Maqt in President al-Assad's speech is to emphasize that he is an example of a man adopting both a  free stance and dignity.

Shaaban confirmed that President Al-Assad rejects revenge on any issue, even on the issue of the corrupt, and that the President believes that revenge generates revenge and we must resort to tolerance, and that combating corruption is not for revenge but to address flaws. Regarding the issue of fighting corruption, we must focus on reform and accountability not on revenge- and this is a political methodology that preserves the nation.

"Syria is central in the Arab world resistance, and when we defeated the terrorist groups, the Israeli National Security Studies Center issued more than five bulletins about what Syria will do now after its victory over terrorism, " Shaaban stated.

Shaaban pointed out that President Assad's link between terrorism and the "Caesar Act", America and Israel is important because they are all parts of one scenario, and the demands that they put in the "Caesar Act" mean that we have to hand them over what they want, and thus rob the Syrian independent decision.

On its 75th anniversary: Syrian Arab army renews pledge to continue the march of victories

Syrian people mark today the 75thanniversary for the establishment of the Syrian Arab army remembering the glorious Syrian history which was  made by the heroes of the Syrian Arab army  as they have been writing the great Syrian history with their heroic deeds that will be a lighthouse guiding the way for forthcoming generations to motivate them to exert more efforts and sacrifices in defence of their rich legacy.

Since its foundation, the Syrian Arab army has raised the banner of confronting the Zionist Western project of occupying Palestine and giving it to the Zionist gangs in the 1940s. The Syrian Arab army has been the impregnable fort in confrontation of the Zionists whose greed pushed them to usurp more Arab territories.

Syria's Internal Opposition Outlook on Parliamentary Elections:

A number of Syrian internal opposition leaders and figures gave their opinion on the 19 July People’s Assembly (parliament) election and called on the Syrian government to do more in activating  the political life.

Secretary General of the opposition ‘Syrian Democratic Front’ Mahmoud Mari shared his views with syriatimes,

“We call on the Syrian authority to steep up  its efforts and further consolidate cooperation between different political parties .All political parties and groups are equal, including the Ba’ath party,” Mari said to Syria Times.

Mari was a candidate  for the People’s Assembly (parliament) election in the Governorate of Damascus Rural but he lost the election.

Military experts say Turkish occupation implicated in targeting Russian servicemen near Ariha city

Military experts have stated that signs indicate the implication of the Turkish occupation’s intelligence in an attack that yesterday targeted Russian soldiers within a joint Russian-Turkish patrol near the bridge of Ariha city on the “M4” highway- the section that connects Aleppo to Lattakia.

The attack has resulted in injuring 3 Russian soldiers and damaging their vehicles.

The experts told Syrian “Al-Watan Online” newspaper that by launching this attack, the Turkish regime aims at halting the conduct of joint patrols with Russia in order to delay the opening of the international road between Aleppo and Lattakia to traffic, contrary to the provisions of the "Moscow" agreement which is an additional protocol to the "Sochi" agreement between Russia and Turkey regarding the de-escalation zone in Idlib.

“unprecedented heights” of hypocrisy

The United Nations Security Council  reduced yesterday the cross border  points from Turkey into Syria to one to Idleb: Bab Al-Hawa. The deliberations as to reduce the number of such points underscored the yet-to-be resolved Western bias, and hypocrisy!

Some so-called big powers in the UNSC rejected to table the unbearable suffering of the Syrians under unilateral EU and US sanctions imposed. The main preoccupation for representatives of the USA, Britain, France, and Germany was just to work for extending the passage of 'humanitarian aid' through Turkey into Idleb.

The representatives of the said countries shed crocodile tears for the Syrians, who are but the victims for their unjust sanctions and blockade. As a matter of fact, all humanitarian aid should be channeled through the Syrian sovereign and legitimate authorities.

The two vetoes by Russia and China: the main 2 pillars of international order and justice, saved the Syrians from more hypocrisy and injustice. Why should the convoys come and pass through places outside the control of the Syrian government. Even the UN itself has no presence in the places through which and to which the conveys cross and head for.