Reckless Illegality!

The U.S. occupation forces in Syria are reinforcing their illegality and violations of the Syrian territories, sending yesterday a large convoy of 35 vehicles  to northeastern Syria as their build up in al-Hasakah Governorate is increasing around the clock!

US occupation forces penetrated yesterday  northeastern Syria from the illegal Al-Waleed Crossing that links neighboring Iraq to the al-Hasakah Governorate.

Crazy Remarks!

US Assistant Secretary of State David Schenker's recent statements regarding Russia and its role in Syria do call for laughter at such an evil and soundless call on Russia to “go out” of Middle East.

 Mr. Schenker's statements do contradict the reality on the ground in Syria. The role played by Russia has been a pioneering fight against multinational terrorists; many of them groomed up and backed by US reckless and selfish policies as a weapon to subjugate sovereign and independent countries, not to mention the blundering of their resources.

The role of Russia has been constructive in the interest not only of Syria's stability but of the regional and global stability against forces of darkness, ignorance and exploitation. This constructivist role has been baptized by the sacred blood of Russian soldiers on the Syrian ground.

"A sin against God…"

The Syrian people have been fighting multinational terrorism in defense of the entire globe. Yet, many big powers seem to have nothing to offer them except sanctions, threats and exploitation.

The USA and its satellite EU seem in competition as to prolong the Syrians' suffering through illegal  coercive sanctions and blockade.

Unfortunately, such inhumane measures against Syrians add but salt to their bleeding wounds during more than 9 years of terrorism war, not to mention poor economic conditions and COVID-19 pandemic.

Broken Promises!

When all people of the world are in a dire need for humanitarian solidarity, unity and cooperation as to face COVID-19 risky challenges, Mr. Donald Trump, the US President, has sent a letter to Congress last Thursday announcing that he is renewing US sanctions against Syrians and their country.

The Syrians have never been the enemy for the USA and its people. Instead the Syrians have condemned every attack against Americans and the Syrians have been fighting for years multinational foreign-backed terrorists who are supposedly the enemy for US citizens in the globe village of today.

Turkey Lied to Us

The Investigative Journal has recently published a well-documented report about Turkey's dirty role played in Syria and Libya. 

 “I just got back from Libya yesterday,” said Zein Ahmad*, a Turkish-backed so called Syrian National Army (SNA) militant in Afrin. “But I had been trying to leave for more than a month.” When the Libyan National Army (LNA) neared Tripoli in April 2019.

Turkish forces began heavily recruiting militants and terrorists  from its affiliated to terrorist groups and began flying hundreds to Libya every week. The exact number of terrorists Turkey has sent is unknown, but estimates range from 5,000 to 17,000.

Ahmad is a member of Ahrar al-Sharqiya,  and had been based in Afrin with the faction since Turkey’s Operation “Olive Branch” in 2018. The Turkish invasion of Afrin led to the deaths of hundreds of civilians and the displacement of hundreds of thousands. Ahrar al-Sharqiya perpetrated widespread war crimes in the city, including looting, murder, kidnapping, and serial rape.

When asked if he believed in Turkey’s mission in Afrin, Ahmad laughed. “I was a mercenary going to Afrin, and I was a mercenary going to Libya.

The militants in Libya were promised salaries ranging from $2000-3000 per month, but reports assert that they received nothing. One member said he’s been paid $2000 every month and a half rather than every month. Some Faylaq al-Majd members who have been in Libya for more than three months say they were paid once and never again.

“They told us we would be paid $3000 a month. That never happened. The first month we got $2000. The second month, they gave us $1400. The third month, we weren’t paid at all,” Ahmad said. “So we looted. We took copper from the homes, anything gold we could find, anything valuable we could find. And the Libyans with us would take the items and sell them for us.”

After arriving in Libya, Ahmad stayed in a house in Tripoli with ten other Syrian militants and a Libyan militant who accompanied them whenever they left the house. The house was a well-appointed villa, almost certainly abandoned by its rightful owners when clashes intensified and drew closer.

 “It was nothing like we are used to in Syria,” Ahmad said. “It’s urban street combat. We don’t have the right weapons or the right skills. We are being slaughtered. And so, many of us started to refuse to fight. Or we’d be taken to the frontlines and hide there.”

Ahmad says that when the militants began defying orders, Libyan soldiers would come and beat them. He says once, when a Syrian had refused to fight three times in a row, a Libyan militiant shot him in the leg.

The number of the terrorists brought from Syria to Libya by Turkey desperate to leave Libya is growing by the day. “The last lie that Turkey told us was that we would only have to stay for two months, or three months,” Ahmad said. “But more than three months had passed for my group, and they weren’t letting us back.”

Ultimately, Ahmad was forced to pay his commander $700 to fly home to Syria. “There were around 100 of us,” he said. “Some paid $500, and some as much as $1000, but then they put us on a plane with the dead and injured and allowed us to return to Syria.”


Dr. Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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