Syria's Internal Opposition Outlook on Parliamentary Elections:

A number of Syrian internal opposition leaders and figures gave their opinion on the 19 July People’s Assembly (parliament) election and called on the Syrian government to do more in activating  the political life.

Secretary General of the opposition ‘Syrian Democratic Front’ Mahmoud Mari shared his views with syriatimes,

“We call on the Syrian authority to steep up  its efforts and further consolidate cooperation between different political parties .All political parties and groups are equal, including the Ba’ath party,” Mari said to Syria Times.

Mari was a candidate  for the People’s Assembly (parliament) election in the Governorate of Damascus Rural but he lost the election.

Military experts say Turkish occupation implicated in targeting Russian servicemen near Ariha city

Military experts have stated that signs indicate the implication of the Turkish occupation’s intelligence in an attack that yesterday targeted Russian soldiers within a joint Russian-Turkish patrol near the bridge of Ariha city on the “M4” highway- the section that connects Aleppo to Lattakia.

The attack has resulted in injuring 3 Russian soldiers and damaging their vehicles.

The experts told Syrian “Al-Watan Online” newspaper that by launching this attack, the Turkish regime aims at halting the conduct of joint patrols with Russia in order to delay the opening of the international road between Aleppo and Lattakia to traffic, contrary to the provisions of the "Moscow" agreement which is an additional protocol to the "Sochi" agreement between Russia and Turkey regarding the de-escalation zone in Idlib.

“unprecedented heights” of hypocrisy

The United Nations Security Council  reduced yesterday the cross border  points from Turkey into Syria to one to Idleb: Bab Al-Hawa. The deliberations as to reduce the number of such points underscored the yet-to-be resolved Western bias, and hypocrisy!

Some so-called big powers in the UNSC rejected to table the unbearable suffering of the Syrians under unilateral EU and US sanctions imposed. The main preoccupation for representatives of the USA, Britain, France, and Germany was just to work for extending the passage of 'humanitarian aid' through Turkey into Idleb.

The representatives of the said countries shed crocodile tears for the Syrians, who are but the victims for their unjust sanctions and blockade. As a matter of fact, all humanitarian aid should be channeled through the Syrian sovereign and legitimate authorities.

The two vetoes by Russia and China: the main 2 pillars of international order and justice, saved the Syrians from more hypocrisy and injustice. Why should the convoys come and pass through places outside the control of the Syrian government. Even the UN itself has no presence in the places through which and to which the conveys cross and head for.

On the anniversary of July aggression, highlights of Lebanese national resistance in confronting the Israeli aggression

 Fourteen years have passed since the start of the brutal Israeli aggression on Lebanon, and the Lebanese national resistance and its people have immortalized their heroics which are examples of the challenge and steadfastness in the face of a cruel and long aggression.

The aggression lasted for more than a month and led to the martyrdom of more than 1500 Lebanese citizens and the displacement of more than a million.

Not limited to Bloodshed - Erdogan's regime Burns and plunders Crops of Syrian Jazeera Region

With help of terrorist mercenary tools, the Turkish regime, under the leadership of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, is continuously stealing and looting the Syrian people's economic capabilities in the context of an open economic war targeting Syria's strategic wealth, especially that which directly relates to food security, such as wheat and barley crops.

Erdogan has turned into a thief, stealing the wealth and capabilities of the Syrian people. Turkey’s Sanliurfa Governor, Abdullah Erin,said: “The Turkish Agricultural Crops Office shall buy wheat and barley of Syria’s Tal Abyad and Ras al-Ayn cities, at a value not less than the market price, in addition to facilitating purchase of the crops by private companies.” Clearly, this is a routine used by the Turkish occupier to steal and plunder strategic crops.