New Chapter of Chemical Farce

Almost a year after the eruption of the crisis in Syria, the US, its Western allies and regional and Arab tools started to fabricate groundless accusation on the use of chemical weapons whenever the Syrian Arab army achieves progress in eliminating Takfiri terrorism. The forces supporting terrorism in Syria have consistently used chemical weapons as a pretext to block the progress of the Syrian Army as they use it as a political pressure against the Syrian state.

Before holding a new session of the Security Council, the terrorism-backing media fabricated a new chapter of lies on the use of phosphor and napalm along with the lie of using chemical weapons which is exploited by the terrorist organizations and their Western backers against the Syrian Arab Army.

Jubilant Co-incidence

It is a jubilant co-incidence that the 55th anniversary of March 8th Revolution comes this year against the backdrop of more landslide victories made by the Syrian Arab army and its allied forces against terrorist organizations, especially in Eastern Ghouta. Syrian Arab Army units are launching military operations against Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist organization and affiliated groups in the Eastern Ghouta in Damascus Countryside. 

US Sinister Objectives

The illegal US military existence in Syria has several menacing objectives, mainly prolonging the crisis in Syria, undermining the political solution of the crisis, serving the Zionist agenda and weakening the resistance axis against Israel.

Another important  reason for targeting Syria is the existence of huge natural resources in its land and sea. The Americans maintain their presence east of Euphrates River because the biggest oil and gas wells in Syria are located in that area.

Great Achievement

The downing the Israeli aircraft by the Syrian air defenses is a great military achievement that changed everything. The alertness of the Syrian Arab Army and the shooting down of a hostile aircraft which participated in the aggression proves that the Syrian army will always be there to confront any Zionist aggression  and the foolish acts of the Zionist enemy as this is a legitimate and natural right.

In real dimensions

The impact of the external factor on the crisis in Syria has not been as it is during this period. The talk about fighting terrorism and was the most prominent headline of the speech, and with the decline in the level of terrorist and violent acts.

In addition to the convening of the Sochi Conference on National Dialogue and the outcome of the political solution in these climates, which call for optimism towards the end of the crisis, we see the escalation in the Western discourse, particularly  the American attitude towards the Syrian government. The false accusations about use of chemical weapons and the threat of military aggression are the example.