In real dimensions

The impact of the external factor on the crisis in Syria has not been as it is during this period. The talk about fighting terrorism and was the most prominent headline of the speech, and with the decline in the level of terrorist and violent acts.

In addition to the convening of the Sochi Conference on National Dialogue and the outcome of the political solution in these climates, which call for optimism towards the end of the crisis, we see the escalation in the Western discourse, particularly  the American attitude towards the Syrian government. The false accusations about use of chemical weapons and the threat of military aggression are the example.

US false allegations

Over the past five years, the US, its Western allies and regional tools, have been fabricating lies with regard to the use of chemical weapons by claiming that the Syrian Arab army was using chemical weapons against Syrian people. The aim behind these false allegations is to halt any progress realized with regards to resolving the Syrian crisis peacefully through conducting an inter Syrian dialogue. The US and its allies also aim to hindering any progress achieved by the Syrian Arab army in its battle to uproot takfiri terrorism from the Syrian territories, especially in light of the sweeping victories realized by the Syrian Arab army and its allies against terrorist groups and their supporters.

Triangle of Enemies

The triangle of enemies,  with the United States and Israel comprising one of its sides, Saudi Arabia on its second side and the terror organizations on the third side  has been plotting for the past few months to foment chaos and violence in Iran.The plot has been hatched by Americans and Zionists as they have been working on it for several months, planning to begin from small towns and then move on towards the center. The cash comes from Saudi Arabia as such projects need money, but the Americans won't be willing to spend anything as long as they have these rich tools.

America and Iran

The American hostility to the revolution and Iranian government is not new. The United States has taken an aggressive stance since 1979 because the Iranian revolution moved Iran from the American-Israeli camp to the other side.

And took positions opposing American and Israeli interests and supporting the resistance movements in the world, especially the Palestinian and Lebanese resistance. In addition, the Iranian Revolution has put its hand on the sources of wealth in its country to adopt and invest in internal construction which made Iran a major regional power.