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Jerusalem International Foundation sheds light on secularism

The emergence of secularism, the stages it went through, its emergence as a term, and the ambiguity about its meaning were the axes of a lecture delivered by Researcher Nabil Toamah, a member of the Board of Trustees of Jerusalem Foundation. The lecture, entitled “Secularism and Historical Contexts,”  was held by the Cultural Center in Abu Rummaneh and Jerusalem International Foundation – Syria.

From the Middle East to Central Asia and Europe, the map of Erdogan's ambitions is expanding

Under the illusion of reviving the defunct Ottoman Empire, the President of the Turkish regime, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, continues his attempts to restore outdated colonial periods without feeling any embarrassment or shame.

Erdogan’s ambitions are no longer limited to Syria, Iraq and Libya, but expanded according to a map published by the American Center for Strategic and Security Studies (Stratfor).

The (SDF) militia continues to kidnap journalists, teachers and human cadres in the Syrian Jezira

Hasakah (ST): The US-backed SDF  militia continues its systematic violations against civilians in the regions of the Syrian Jezira by kidnapping media, educational, partisan cadres and employees of government institutions as part of a policy of intimidation and bullying in an attempt to impose its authority on the people who reject its presence in the region and denounce its arbitrary practices.

These arbitrary practices include kidnapping civilians, stealing property, displacing people, shutting mouths, trying to falsify and changing the history of the region by imposing  their own educational curricula. The fate of the journalists, Mohammad al-Sagheer, the Syrian news channel correspondent and Khaled al-Hassan, the correspondent of Al-Manar channel in the city of Qameshli  is still unknown for more now than a year and eight months after their abduction by the  militia.  This aggressive behavior  intersects with what the terrorist organizations supported by the Turkish regime do in the regions of northern Syria.

Arab and Syrian writers and researchers document bright history of President Bashar Al-Assad

A group of Syrian and Arab writers, politicians, soldiers, and clerics wrote a biography of resistance, steadfastness, and national visions pursued  in protecting the homeland, the rights and the existence of the nation. They documented the bright history of Syria's steadfastness, represented by the positions of President Bashar al-Assad, his principled stands and his leadership of the country in the midst of adversity.

Dr. Najah Al-Attar, Vice President of the Syrian Arab Republic, made a presentation of  the book (The Leader Al-Assad… Bright Pages from the History of Resilience), which she supervised . In her presentation, she stated that President al-Assad pursued the policy  of  struggle in thought, enlightenment, creativity, boldness, valor and cohesion with the national resistance forces with a conviction that victory is coming and that the goals of the struggle are to be achieved and that new pages of history, in which the Syria regains its first life, will begin.

Israeli occupation escalates attacks on the occupied city of Jerusalem, putting religious sites under fire

Occupied Jerusalem (ST):  Amid suspicious international weakness and complete American support, the Israeli occupation is escalating its attacks on the occupied city of Jerusalem, putting the Islamic and Christian sanctities there under the fire of accelerated Judaization , the last of which was the demolition of the Umm Qusah mosque in the Msafer Yata area, south of Hebron, in the West Bank, within the framework of judaizing the holy city and removing any Palestinian legacy to it.

The plans to Judaize Palestinian sacred places constitute part of a comprehensive war waged by the Israeli occupation against the occupied city of Jerusalem, with the aim of creating an imbalance in the demographic status in it, which the Palestinian Ministry of Endowments and Religious Affairs considered as a war crime. It said following the demolition of Umm Qusah mosque: “This act is a war crime, a blatant assault on sanctities in occupied Palestine, and a flagrant violation to be added to the list of Israeli savage crimes against holy sites.