"Moslem Brotherhood" a terrorist arm supported and used by the West to achieve its schemes in the region and the world

Al-Qaeda, Daesh and Jabhat Al-Nusra have been among many other terrorist organizations and extremist movements that were created by the West to implement its schemes in other countries.

The "Moslem Brotherhood" terrorist organization has been one of the most heinous extremist groups whose crimes in Syria and Egypt, and in the region in general, have served the West's colonialist agendas which aim at dominating the region, SANA Arabic said in a report on Friday.

Since its establishment in 1925 in Egypt by a person called Hasan Al-Banna with the help of colonialist countries, on the top of which were the United States, Britain plus the Zionist entity, the "Moslem Brotherhood" terrorist takfiri organization has implemented many conspiracies under the name of Islam.

It penetrated Arab societies and distorted Islam's instructions and values by badly using them in promoting its destructive ideas with the aim of brainwashing minds and controlling power in these societies.

This extremist movement has also massively exploited the Palestinian cause to achieve its goals.

Turkish academic: Syria’s steadfastness foiled US plans in the region

Ankara (ST): Turkish professor Elhan Ozkal has affirmed that the steadfastness of the Syrian state in confrontation of the fiercest imperialistic attack launched against it was the main reason behind the failure of the US plans in the region including the so-called Arab Spring.

In a televised speech, Ozkal said that Syria has been a main target of the US plans over the past ten years, referring to the crimes that have been committed by Erdogan’s regime through its support of terrorists and occupying parts of the Syrian territories.

Personalities from the Golan and Quneitra: We will continue the path of struggle against the Israeli occupation until the return of the Golan to the homeland

39 years have passed since the ill-fated decision of the Israeli occupation authorities to annex the occupied Syrian Golan. The people of the Golan in particular and the Syrians in general are still more insistent on defeating the occupier and liberating their land and adhering to the Syrian national identity.

The people of the Golan and Quneitra confirmed in statements that they will continue the path of struggle in the face of the Israeli occupation and its aggressive policies and expansion plans in the Golan.

Occupied Syrian Golan, the eternal epic of steadfastness which rejects occupation and settlement

Damascus (ST): The people of the occupied Syrian Golan have always confronted the arrogance of the Israeli occupation and its illegal settlement activities. The people of Golan are now facing and fighting against the new Israeli settlement plan .This fight embodies their eternal and categorical rejection of all forms of occupation and settlement plans which aim to displace them and plunder their lands and identity. 

The liberated captive Midhat al-Saleh, the son of Majdal Shams town in the occupied Syrian Golan, said that what the occupation authorities are carrying out is an implementation of a plan that the Zionist entity has been setting up for a few years . The set-up of the so-called wind turbines under the pretext of electricity generation aims to seize the lands of Golan people, confiscate their properties and displace them from their lands in a flagrant violation of UN resolutions. 

He added that this project is one of the most dangerous projects that threaten the lives of the Syrians in the occupied Syrian Golan because of its adverse health and environmental consequences in addition to the damage caused to the agricultural lands in Majdal Shams, Bag’atha and Misa’deh stressing that Golan men, women, children and the elderly affirmed today their categorical rejection of this plan through the sit-in they staged to prevent the occupation troops from entering their lands. But the occupation authorities attacked the protestors causing the wounding of scores.

Evidence mounts on the Dutch government's involvement in supporting terrorist organizations in Syria

More facts have been exposed to the world public opinion about the involvement of the government of the Netherlands in supporting terrorist organizations in Syria after the Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mark Rutte acknowledged, a few days ago, that he personally interfered to block a parliamentary investigation into his government's provision of millions of US dollars to terrorists in Syria.

The scandal of blocking the investigation comes after the Dutch media outlets published files uncovering the Dutch government's involvement in supplying terrorists in Syria with high-tech communication equipment, logistical and military ammunition as well as hundreds of trucks and vehicles.

Back then, the Dutch investigators couldn't reach any conclusions because Rutte impeded the work of the investigation committee and hid some secrets that prove his direct collusion with the terrorists and his flagrant violation of both the Dutch and the international law, as the armed groups he has logistically and financially supported are classified as terrorist organizations by the Dutch prosecution itself, an analysis published by SANA Arabic said.