Russian Initiative path to end Syrian crisis

No doubt, the reactions  about  the latest stance of the  Syrian government which welcomed the Russian initiative concerning chemical weapons are  still continuing .Then through days, the  dimensions of the strategy in the current political juncture began to reveal clearly.

We all  as Syrians  appreciate and respect  the  Russian  endeavors to prevent the aggression on  our homeland . Thanks to its great  efforts, Russia has proved that it is committed to  the principles of the  international law. Within this framework and through  his joint press conference in Moscow few days ago, the Russian Foreign Minister stressed that  there are no deals  without Syrian awareness.

No one can deny that  Syria  did not hesitate giving  a quick and decisive  response, which confirms that Syria is not seeking  the expansion of the crisis or causing  a regional and  international war. 

Hence, Syria has been  frustrating all  the conspiracies  of  its  new enemies, who did their best to destroy the country by all  dirty  means.  Also Syrian government   is trying  not to expose its  people to risks of a foreign  intervention . 

It clearly seems that the Syrian crisis had  revealed the hatred  of the Wahhabi of Saudi Arabia, which had  devoted millions of dollars to destroy the Syrian state and  to eliminate the co-existence that has characterized the Syrian society. 

Moreover, Syria is a self-sufficient country which had never depended  on  any aid or subsidies or loans. Thus, the Syrian  people has never been  vulnerable to the political and financial  blackmail .


For this reason, the malevolent States (Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey)   did not  hesitate in supporting and financing  terrorism  in Syria , of course, with  the continuous  sponsorship of the US and Israel.


Although Syria has been able to avoid  its people all risks that could increase the crisis, but at the same time it should not forget the sponsors and supporters  of terrorism. 

On the other  hand , Syria  has actually  accepted  the Russian initiative   to end  the crisis and  to stop the US-backed organized  terrorism. Besides,  Syrian government  has  expressed its desire to attend  the conference to be held to end the crisis without preconditions.


Thus, Syria  has proved  to the whole world  that it is seeking peace to  restore  the  security of  the homeland. The Syrian government  is  fully convinced  that the solution in Syria is a political one,  but this  must be accompanied  with  the elimination  of  all kinds of  terrorism in all Syrian territories. 

Ahmed Orabi Ba'aj

E&T: Maysa Wassouf