Why Bringing Chemical Weapons into Focus ?

Chemical weapons had been used as a pretext by the west to interfere in the Iraqi sovereignty.

The same manner had been replicated to meddle in Syria, accusing it to have chemical weapons seeking  to achieve more colonial powers in the region.

First of all, it is noteworthy to mention that there is an international ban on the production and use of the chemical, biological weapons although some countries,  the Zionist entity, has a huge nuclear arsenal which is known worldwide.

A state, possessing  chemical weapons is a case that has many goals; for instance the accused state obtaining chemical weapons will be subject to international inspection by specialized experts.

Sovereignty and the national security of the states put under scrutiny will be violated. But the more dangerous part of it is that if the possesion of chemical weapons is confirmed in any conflict, the Security Council authorized to take a decision to confront the accused state.

None of the five permanent members in the security council has the right to Veto the decision or halt the intervention of the Security Council.

The Syrian Arab Republic asked the U.N Security General to dispatch a specialized international investigation committee to probe  events in Khan al-Assal in Aleppo.

It is noteworthy that Khan al-Assal was a prelude to prejudice the Syrian Sovereignty on the assumption that  chemical weapons have been used in more than 13 locations in Syria.

The Syrian response was evident to reveal  and prove that the international inspectors could visit two locations of the 13 ones where chemical weapons were allegedly used to conduct inspection under  the Syrian authorities control.

The time span for the international committee is 14 extendable days subject to the approval of the Syrian competent authorities. The Syrian government takes all necessary measures to ensure the safety of the inspection committee.

Professionalism, objectivity and neutralism of the   inspection team are of paramount importance which have to be taken into consideration owing to the seriousness of the conclusions and their upshots on the international arena especially the UN security council. The UN permanent members have no right to veto any decision pertaining to the use of chemical weapons or humanitarian issues.

So, it is so important to have a Syrian professional specialized team with high quality to keep track of the task they are going to accomplish, noting that some of the areas to be inspected are under the control of the terrorist groups which may slant the samples results to serve their purposes against Syria. 

Dr. khalaf  al-Mouftah

E & T : H.Shammout