US Hypocrisy

It is  not a pointless  stance from  Russia  to talk openly about the U.S. contradictory attitudes towards the crisis in Syria. The Russian stance based on accurate  data,  has been  entrenched  in the past few months, where Russia has maintained its principled position with  the obvious  continuity of the  US in its  hypocrisy.
Moreover, when the foreign and defense ministers of Russia and the United States meet in Washington to discuss the key issues, especially the situation in Syria, the White House announced the postponement of the upcoming meeting between President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin. This meeting  was about   to be held in Moscow  next September, before  the holding  of the Group of Twenty summit in the fifth and sixth of the same month in the city of St. Petersburg.

In an  press  conference   at the Russian Embassy in Washington, Lavrov  focused on Russia's serious  stance about the calling to the Geneva meeting  as soon as possible.

"Russian and US diplomats will meet at the end of August to discuss the organizing  of this international conference, but the main  priority should be  about the fighting  against terrorists and  expelling them out of Syria." Lavrov added.

The US  is still pursuing a policy of prevarication,  it is talking about a political solution in Syria , but at the same time it avoids any serious  agreement  with Russia about that. It thus seeks  to gain time in a failing  bet aiming that the battle on the ground ends in its interests.

Undoubtedly, the US-Zionist destructive  project in the region has failed and the bet of toppling Syria has really been downed. Thanks to the great determination of the brave  Syrian Arab Army  and the determination   to eliminate the terrorists and destroy their weapons in all Syrian  territories .

No one can deny the contradictory policy of the US  administration to resolve the crisis in Syria. This seems clearly  in the US procrastination in setting a date for the convening of an international conference in this regard. The US hurries  to order  its  mercenaries and allies as to steer  political and security escalation in Syria in order to foil  all the political efforts .

Hence, what happened  in the region  is  a real evidence of the hostile policies of the US  and Israel towards  the Arabs in general and Syria in particular .

As for the Palestinian cause , there is a  game of negotiations that takes place between the US and Israel, not between the Palestinians and the Zionist entity. These negotiations  have deformed  the Palestinian Cause  by  increasing  the number of  settlements  in exchange for promises to release some prisoners from Israeli jails.
The basic aim  is to end the Palestinian Cause  quickly  because the US does not want  to yield to the  political benefits of the convening of an international conference about Syria. The US  is still supporting  terrorism in Syria  using its dirty allies especially  Saudi Arabia , Qatar, and the Moslem Brotherhood government in Turkey.

Then, the comparison is not permissible between the US and the Russian stances , because Russia adheres to finding a political solution to the crisis in Syria , while the United States continues its  prevarication and hypocrisy until the end.


Ahmed Orabi Ba'aj

E&T : Maysa Wassouf