Muslim Brotherhood in Tatters

Day after day the conspiracy' tools against Syria have been revealed to enhance the determination of steadfastness and stability to defend Syria.

Notwithstanding a fierce historic conspiracy against Syria, it served a purpose to sift  the noble-minded, chivalrous from the lousy and mean. The sublime stances will distinguish the patriotic from traitor.

The Muslim Brotherhood have historically registered a black period being far from patriotism in the Arab world which was discovered by Syrians  in the eighties of the last century.

Egyptians today discover for the second time the Muslim brotherhood collusion not to mention the former president Jamal Abdul Naser and their sinister conspiracy against him.

Terrorist acts carried out by the Muslim Brotherhood in these days are reminiscent of the heinous crimes committed by the Muslim Brotherhood during the eighties in Syria, unfolding a new Ottoman Turkish replication in which greed floats to the surface by uncovering the deep meaning of the perpetrated acts of the Muslim brotherhood which provided a covert operation to dismantling the factories or affiliated sabotage to all economic infrastructure, representing in Ottoman revenge besides killing civilians or military men in cold blood.

It transpired to the whole world that  the role of Turkish brotherhood is   linked to the Egyptian one and the Istanbul Council Muslim Brotherhood who are working hands in glove.

Arab peoples realized the fierce criminal acts of the Muslim Brotherhood  gangs in Egypt, Turkey or Syria and other countries. The upshots of their deeds will be exasperating for these bands that grabbed power in the Arab countries.

Turkish Justice Party leaders' reactions reflected the extent of the damage that has plagued  Turkey, which resulted from the impotency of the Muslim brotherhood in Egypt.

Egypt, the greatest Arab country and supporter of the Palestinian cause which has been forgotten because of the fabricated crises in the Arab countries. America and the Israeli entity are the two only beneficiaries of these created crises aiming to eliminate the Palestinian cause once and for all in compliance with the Israeli targets, fearing that the results will become more cumbersome for the United States and Israel especially when Syria will announce the great victory against terrorism, Salafists, Muslim Brotherhood and Ottomans.

 Once again, Egypt will become free from the Muslim Brotherhood and   the political subordination to the United States to move straight in the right direction as expected if matters go forward on the right path.

Ahmad Orabi Ba'aj

E & T : H. Shammout