Shaaban: The American presence on our land is an occupation that will be resisted by all possible means

Dr. Buthaina Shaaban, Special Adviser to the Presidency of the Syrian Arab Republic, confirmed that the United States of America is in Syria to support terrorism and steal the wealth of the Syrian people, and that the so-called “Caesar Act” is a clear American violation of human rights and has a detrimental impact on the economic and living conditions of Syrian citizens.

In an interview with Chinese media comprising the Chinese News Agency "Xinhua" and China Central Television "CCTN", in addition to the Chinese People's Newspaper, Dr. Shaaban stated that the United States is present in northern Syria to support terrorism, not to fight it, and that Syria condemns the US crimes perpetrated against the Syrian people and the US theft of Syrian resources. Syria affirms that the US presence on the Syrian land is an occupation that will be resisted by all possible means. Shaaban added that the war in Syria exposes the lies and allegations of the West, wondering if the United States is keen on the rights of Muslims in China, then why does the US practice economic terrorism against the Muslim-majority of the Syrian people?


The Presidential Advisor emphasized that the main problem that developing countries suffer from is foreign interference in their political and economic affairs by imperialist countries that plundered peoples' wealth, and that the most important right for human beings is to be free in their own countries.

Regarding the so-called “Summit of Democracies” called by the United States, Dr. Shaaban said: Whoever steals oil and wheat from the Syrian people has no right to talk about democracy, and that research should be conducted on the history of the United States, which is full of creating unrest, igniting wars, committing crimes and looting wealth. In this context, Shaaban pointed out that this summit is an expression of the bankruptcy of the United States in leading the world and the summit was called upon according to political criteria enabling the US to meddle in the internal affairs of countries, and that China is the country qualified to lead the world, which today has become multipolar, pointing out that Syria's policy for years has been to head east and China is the model  Syria is looking forward to follow.

The Presidential Advisor explained that China's policy in all fields is directed towards a global system that expresses one human family without interfering in the affairs of others through the "Belt and Road" initiative, because it is not possible to achieve prosperity for any country in a non-prosperous global environment other than what the United States and Western colonial countries that stole the resources of the Syrian people and other peoples as well. Shaaban stressed that if the West was sincere in its talk about human rights, it would join China and participate in the Chinese pursuit of normal and equal relations between countries.

Shaaban pointed out that China was and still is a model for development and human rights in the world because the Chinese State works to achieve balanced development at a time when China succeeded in confronting the Corona virus and protecting the Chinese people from this plague, while the US health system failed to do so.

It is noteworthy that the Chinese media that conducted the meeting are the Chinese News Agency "Xinhua" and China Central Television "CCTV", in addition to the Chinese People's Newspaper.