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French intellectuals from Aleppo: Syria has exposed the lies of fake media news

A group of French writers, journalists and bloggers participated in a  discussion about the war on Syria and the media misinformation it was subjected to with the aim of falsifying facts.

The discussion was held in cooperation with the Arab Writers Unionthe National Library in Aleppo.

Dr. Pierre Emmanuel Toman, a professor of geopolitics, expressed his pain at the destruction caused by terrorism in the city of Aleppo, explaining that the war led by colonial countries targeted the Syrians and their homeland, but they won with the help of allies and friends.

The writer Jean-Michel Vernochet explained that the goal of this discussion is to develop a real action plan to contribute to the steadfastness of the Syrian people.


Vernochet said that the war on Syria is not only military but also a media and social one, portraying this country in a distorted way and practicing misinformation on European peoples.

Vernochet stressed the need to correct this imbalance and help Syria follow up on the military victory with victories in the economic, social and media war.

He said that the French government is lost in the hands of the major powers, but the active forces of the French people have stood by Syria and its people and supported it.

Yves Perrault, a retired major general in the French army, said that it is not easy for his country to be a party to the war on Syria, which began in 2011 and through which Western governments abused hypocrisy and lying to peoples with the aim of misleading them.

Alain-Pierre Tizio, writer, researcher and journalist, expressed his regret for his country's participation in the destruction of Syria and spreading illusions through the media to peoples.

Tizio said that the Syrian and French people have one enemy, which is terrorism, but his country's government did not resist it, while Syria triumphed over terrorism.

Marie Baumeier, an activist and anti-Zionist, said that the French government is now ruled by "Israel", the fierce enemy that uses all means of cheating, lying and deception, which must be confronted.

Baumeier said that the purpose of her visits is to participate in announcing the position of the French educated elite in support of Syria from the city of Aleppo because it is an ancient cultural center.

Baumeier stressed the need to highlight the features of the city of Aleppo within a cultural program that will be worked on soon, which is to publish bouquets of literature and resistance poetry.

Emmanuel Leroy, the regional and international advisor, pointed to the great development that the city of Aleppo witnessed in the field of reconstruction in a short period until it returned to what it was before.

Leroy stressed the importance of Aleppo's victory over colonialism, which is a historic victory over more than 100 countries that paid money and sent equipment to destroy Syria.

Muhammad Ibrahim Al-Abdullah, head of the Aleppo branch of the Writers Union, described this visit as a positive initiative by hosting French personalities with the aim of standing by the right in Syria and its government in defending its land and people.

The traveler and writer Adnan Azzam, director of this meeting, stressed the importance of these discussions in communicating with intellectuals around the world to find out the extent of the destruction and devastation caused by the war on Syria.


O. al-Mohammad