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Shaaban: US looks for new tools to save its hegemony

Damascus, (ST) -  Dr. Buthaina Shaaban, Special Adviser to the Presidency of the Republic, affirmed that, the United States began searching for new tools to save its hegemony which have begun to wane after it established itself as a judge over countries and peoples through a unipolar policy. 

She pointed out that the West's attempt to impose liberal democracy on peoples is incompatible with international logic.

 Dr. Shaaban, during her participation in a video speech in English in the third session of the “South-South Forum for Human Rights”, which is held every two years at the invitation of the People's Republic of China, indicated that the West seeks cloned democracies that have served its policies. She referred in this framework to American President Biden and his calling to the so-called “Conference of Democracies,” which expresses the West’s intransigence in its adherence to liberal democracy, trying to impose it on the rest of the peoples, which is incompatible with international logic, because every country needs a democracy that fits with its political and social system that reflects its culture, civilization, history and the requirements of its people.

Shaaban added that the United States, after its invasion of Iraq in 2003, rejected any policy that does not agree with its agenda and used coercive measures against countries that disagree with it. She pointed out that Syria was among these countries that did not accept to impose this agenda on it. This matter made the United States impose unilateral coercive measures inconsistent with international and humanitarian law and international legality on Syria. In addition, it imposed these measures on the countries that deal with it.

The Special Adviser in the Presidency of the Republic praised the constructive efforts made by China in communicating with peoples and countries in an international scene that troubles the United States and forces it to seek to save its polarity that have begun to wane in an attempt to be still the only superpower.

At the conclusion of her speech, Shaaban expressed her confidence in the inevitability of a bright future that will bring goodness to future generations, despite all Western efforts that seek to abort this future.

Raghda Sawas