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Turkish regime and Al-Nusra Front are partners in terrorism and aggression against Syria

“A partnership in the shedding of Syrian blood” is  a prominent feature that links the Turkish regime to the terrorist organization Al-Nusra Front and at the same time meets the targets of Washington and the West in Syria.

Nicholas Heras, a Senior Analyst and Program Head for Authoritarianism at the American Newlines  Institute for Strategy and Policy, told Ahval website that  "Al-Nusra Front, which calls itself Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham, cannot survive in Idlib without Turkish support."


“The terrorist organization and the Turkish regime have a symbiotic relationship”, Heras described the relation between the two parties, “this organization is a source of strength for Turkey."

Press reports indicated that, since the emergence of the terrorist Al-Nusra Front in Syria,  communication between it and the regime of Recep Tayyip Erdogan has deepened. The terrorists of this organization have accompanied the Turkish regime forces since the start of their aggression against areas in northern Syria.

Professor Joshua Landis, Director of the Center for Middle East Studies at the University of Oklahoma said in  report published by the Turkish website, that the Erdogan regime agreed that  Al-Nusra Front and its terrorist leader, Abu Muhammad Al-Joulani, have control over over large areas in Idlib Governorate after reaching the conclusion that no other terrorist organizations in Idlib can match Al-Nusra Front organization in terms of strength. Thus it  maintained its support for the Front to ensure the interests of the Turkish regime in that region.

“The United States also supports the Turkish regime in Idlib because Washington believes that Turkey and the terrorist organization Al-Nusra Front are serving its policy aimed at preventing the Syrian state from accessing its natural resources of oil, water and most agricultural lands and depriving the Syrian people of them”, according to Landis.

The American television network PBS, in partnership with the American website Frontline, granted Al-Joulani terrorist a platform to polish his image and defend his terrorism. The American media gave Al-Joulani an opportunity  to carry out interviews on February 1 and 14  with the site's correspondent Martin Smith, who arrived in Idlib from Turkey, which formed the main center for the infiltration of terrorists and their supporters into Syrian territory. These statements showed Al-Joulani's loyalty to the American administration, which is considered responsible for manufacturing terrorism in the world, when he asserted that his terrorist organization “does not pose any threat to the United States and that he never intends to target it or Europe” and that what he does "reflects the organization’s mutual interests with the United States".

In turn, Kyle Orton, Middle East Analyst, confirmed that Turkey wants Al-Nusra Front to remain in Idlib and that it practices hypocrisy during the Astana process talks, where it claims that it wants to eliminate terrorist organizations there, "but in reality it does not fulfill its formal obligations in terms of eliminating terrorists."

Orton indicated that the Turkish regime has already established contacts with "Al-Nusra Front" through the Turkish intelligence service, with the aim of coordinating between them. He pointed at the same time to the Turkish regime's association with the terrorist organization "ISIS" and other organizations affiliated with al-Qaeda organization, to implement its plans in Syria.

Last year, the terrorist organization Jabhat al-Nusra described the Turkish army as its partner, confirming the deep-rooted organic relationship between them in terrorism and aggression against Syria.

Terrorists from the “Al-Nusra Front” captured by the Syrian Arab Army in the vicinity of Aleppo last year admitted that the Turkish regime supported the crimes of this terrorist organization, provided it with funding, militants and military equipment.

 Inas Abdulkareem