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American media gives Washington terrorists a glowing image in preparation for another mission

American media is trying again to give a glowing image to Washington’s terrorists in Syria and the region to re-present them with new names in preparation for their use in other missions. Giving the leader of the terrorist Al-Nusra Front (Abu Muhammad Al-Joulani) a glowing image through the American media a few days ago can be considered as the start of the new mission of this terrorist organization, which has been placed on the United Nations list of terrorist organizations.

The American Television Network (PBS) station, in partnership with the American website (Front Line), granted Al-Joulani  a platform to polish his image and defend his terrorism during interviews that took place on February 1 and 14 with the site's correspondent Martin Smith, who arrived in Idlib from Turkey, which has become the main center for the infiltration of terrorists and their supporters into the Syrian territories.

The statements of the terrorist Al-Joulani to the website show his close connection and loyalty to the American administration, which is considered responsible for manufacturing terrorism in the world. He asserted that his terrorist organization “does not pose any threat to the United States and that he never intends to target it or Europe” and that what he does “reflects the organization’s common interests with United State".

What Al-Joulani said in the interview confirms the accuracy of the statement made by James Jeffrey, who served as ambassador during the era of the Republican and Democratic administrations and a special US envoy to Syria. Jeffrey’s statements were the following: Al-Joulani organization constitutes an asset to Washington’s strategy in Idlib,” which he considered one of the most important areas in Syria and the Middle East today for the United States.

In 2012, the United States placed Al-Joulanion the US State Department’s list of terrorismThe United Nations and several countries, including Russia also did thisafter several international organizations documented the perpetration of many crimes against the Syrians by the organization which he led.

Observers confirm that the administration of US President Joe Biden has opened the door through the media to (Al-Nusra Front) organization and its leader, al-Joulani, to redefine it as a moderate faction and remove the terrorist character from it. So,the terrorist al-Joulani appeared, after he claimed to disengage from Al-Qaeda in interviews with the American journalist Smith, in an official uniform in order to give a glowing image to (Al-Nusra and its Leader) through American media.

Several international and local organizations have documented the perpetration of (Al-Nusra Front) and (Haya’at Tahrir al-Sham), the new name of the organization led by al-Joulani, hundreds of crimes against the Syrian people, especially in various Syrian regions, which claimed the lives of dozens of innocent civilians and which led to the destruction of the infrastructure in the areas of its spread, especially in Idlib.

Last year, the British Channel 4 broadcasted a series of reports that were part of the glowing image of terrorism and the promotion of the terrorist organization (White Helmets) that raised the mockery of the Guardian British news site and prompted it to refute the allegations contained therein, indicating that the photos and videos are incorrect and ridiculous to the point of embarrassment.

The United States and the West in general, over the years of the terrorist war on Syria, supported various terrorist organizations with money and weapons under the name (moderate opposition). They formed in 2014 a show-off coalition outside international legitimacy, claiming to fight the terrorist organization (ISIS), which continued to commit massacres against the Syrians and destroy their infrastructure ofBridges, facilitiesThey supported the takfiri organization, according to many facts, in a way that serves the interests of Washington.

Inas Abdulkareem