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Western countries trying to compensate for the defeat of their terrorist tools in Syria through imposing unfair sanctions on the Syrians: French diplomat

Over the past ten years, Syria has been facing an aggression by western countries that have supported terrorism in the country and which are now trying to compensate for the defeat of terrorist organizations through imposing unfair coercive measures against the Syrian people, Michel Rimbaud, a French diplomat and former French Ambassador, said in an article published by “RT” French.

“What Syria has been witnessing over the past years is similar to the scenario adopted by Western countries to destroy Iraq in 2003 based on a set of lies and allegations. However, Syria resisted this aggression thanks to its steadfastness and the support of its allies,” he added.

 Rimbaud pointed out that the economic crisis the Syrian people are suffering was caused by the Western coercive economic measures, indicating that the United States refuses to acknowledge its defeat and the victory of the Syrian state and prefers to move to the second stage of aggression through an endless economic war, a proxy war with the support of all its western allies.

Syria has been for years experiencing a harsher war than both the two World Wars, yet there is complete silence and denial by Western countries about this crisis with the aim of downgrading the plight of the Syrian people, who have been the victim of an international aggression, like what happened in Iraq, according to Rimbaud. He stressed that this is a crime against peace and a flagrant violation of international laws.

“Should we wait thirty years in order to discover the impacts of war on Syria? When the time for justice and accountability comes, it will be appropriate to remind the governments that have been participating until now in the aggression on Syria of their criminal project. We will condemn the three states members of Security Council who claim that they are implementing and protecting the international law, while in fact they are the first to violate it,” Rimbaud went on to say.

“The politicians, military officers, intellectuals and media outlets which decided, organized, supported or justified the international aggression against Syria and other countries must know that they will continue to be held responsible for this crime and they must be held accountable.”

Hamda Mustafa