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Russian experts and political analysts confirmed that the steadfastness of Syria’s army and people, has foiled the terrorist war and the plans that target it.

During a videoconference in Moscow, a number of Russian experts specializing in Middle East affairs and American studies presented a report in which they exposed the true goals of American policy and the illegal presence of Washington on Syrian territories.

The director of the Institute for the Countries of Asia and Africa of Moscow State University, Igor Abelagaziev emphasized that the United States' practices in Syria are not much different from its aggressive actions in the rest of the world to achieve its own interests and goals without paying attention to the high price that peoples pay for this. He pointed out that the entire history of the United States after World War II is an embodiment of the policy of aggression and the practice of the policy of scorched earth.


Abelagaziev stressed that the United States supports its own-made  terrorist organizations in their crimes against the Syrian people and their legitimate government.

In response to a question by SANA correspondent in Moscow, Vladimir Issayev Professor at the Asia-Africa Institute said that the economic situation in Syria is getting more complicated as a result of the unjust, coercive measures imposed by the United States and its allies on the Syrian people, including the consequences of the so-called "Caesar Act" that prohibits other countries from supplying Syria with medicines and equipments needed to combat the Corona pandemic, such as ventilators.

Issayev pointed out that the matter is not limited to that, but rather the United States intends to distort the role that the Russian Federation plays in Syria, not only in the political sphere but also in the economic sphere. He pointed out that the terrorist war and the actions of the American and Turkish occupiers have led to the displacement of large numbers of Syrian citizens who have become refugees in different countries.

Issayev stated that the Turkish regime and its local mercenaries are pursuing a policy of Turkifying the areas they occupy on Syrian territory in an effort to consolidate their presence in those areas. He stressed that the United States and Turkey, which is its NATO ally, are not interested at all in stabilizing Syria and are working to obstruct the process of its reconstruction and continue provocations against the Syrian Arab Army.

The Russian researcher underlined the importance of implementing  the basic task of preserving the sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity of Syria which  the Astana formula, the Geneva process, and other international attempts related to the Syrian situation must work on.

For her part, the consultant of Russia Sevodnia Media Group, Director of the Institute for Foreign Policy Studies and Predictions, who is specialized in American affairs, Veronika Krasnnikova, said that the United States continues to occupy  Syrian land and plunder its natural resources of oil, gas, wheat and other things similar to the old colonial plunder of the wealth of countries and peoples of the world. She shouldered the  Turkish and Saudi regimes, the Israeli occupation and other US-allied countries responsible for all crimes against the Syrian people.

In turn, the head of the Foundation for Refuting False News, Professor at Moscow State University Andrei Manuelo, confirmed that the so-called “White Helmets” crimes that appear every time the Syrian Arab Army achieves victories over the terrorists are coordinating with the United States and its allies. He noted that “its fabricated actions aim at protecting terrorist organizations such as Tahrir al-Sham, which is linked to Al-Qaeda.


Inas Abdulkareem