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French researcher: Paris has participated in American plans and armed terrorists to spread destruction in Syria

On March 20th, the French researcher Caroline Galacteros denounced the policy of her country's officials towards Syria during the terrorist war against it, describing it as ‘shameful and a failure’. 

Galacteros noted that Paris was embarrassed by the American plans to divide the Middle East and armed terrorists to spread death and destruction in Syria.

“We have embarrassedly rushed into the American scheme to divide the Middle East under the auspices of those with unbearable false sermons that our hypocrisy and strategic stupidity in this region exposed and discredited us, she said in an article published in the website of the ‘Africa Asia Magazine’entitled ‘ In Syria .. France lost morally, politically and strategically’. 

Galacteros pointed out that the results of the years of the war against Syria showed the moral outcome of Western democracies. 

Galacteros asserted that the attempts of Western countries to target and destroy Syria have suffered a catastrophic failure after ten years of bombs, sanctions, terrorism, lies and misleading propaganda. 

Galacteros called on French officials to stop interfering in the affairs of Syria and try to destroy ‘ this wonderful country’. 

Galacteros urged Paris to move away from all military actions of the "American coalition" and to abandon all coercive economic measures imposed on Syria and to contribute to Encouraging efforts for a political solution through the Astana process. 


Inas Abdulkareem