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Western propaganda's role in the ten-year dirty war on Syria

One of the ugliest chapters of the ten-year dirty war on Syria has been the misinformation campaign and propaganda launched and funded by western and regional parties to promote terrorist organizations and create a political and humanitarian cover for their crimes in Syria.

The media in western and some regional countries has  played a major role in waging the terrorist war on Syria since 2011 through falsifying facts and  brainwashing  people around the world about what was really going on in Syria.

Some leaked documents published previously by the US Grayzone news website revealed that certain companies, linked in a way or another to the American and British intelligence bodies, have made contracts with  some western countries for forming and preparing terrorist organizations under the name of "opposition". These companies' task was to promote these terrorist organizations as “moderate opposition” to beautify their image in the eyes of the public in the west. They were also responsible for creating slogans, fabricating stories and images, publishing fake news and even preparing circumstances for conducting interviews with terrorist groups leaders in foreign media.

The leaks published by the Grayzone, besides other documents, showed that the western governments have spent billions of dollars- directly or through these contractors- to wage a dirty war on Syria, to form, fund and support terrorist organizations in the country and to hide and falsify facts through recruiting people, who have been called by the western and American media outlets as activists, to fabricate reports, stories and images and to promote lies that serve the interests of colonial powers. 

The leaks focused on four companies that played a major role in the dirty propaganda against Syria and showed how the British, US and European contractors planned to establish an integrated infrastructure to form and support what they called “opposition” and to present this fake “opposition” as a political force in the international arena to be used in the service of the west.

According to these leaks, the UK-funded “InCostrat” firm, one of these four contracting companies, talked proudly about its role in creating a network of 1,600 people whom it called "journalists and influencers" with the aim of fabricating stories and shaping the global media coverage about Syria. Another western government contractor, ARK, developed a strategy to soften the image of the extremist armed groups and show them as "opposition". It boasted that it provided the terrorist groups with propaganda that aired almost every day on major Arabic-language TV networks. It confessed in one of the leaks in 2012 that it managed the public relations of the terrorist organizations and promoted them in western and American media for years.

These leaks shed light on the British government's program to train and arm terror groups in Syria.

Moreover, documents published by British writer Mark Curtis last year revealed that Britain launched a covert operation against Syria early in 2012 in cooperation with the United States and the Saudi regime. The documents uncovered that Britain has been involved in smuggling arms shipments to terrorist groups and in training terrorists for years.

Other materials show how London and Western governments worked together to build a new police force in terrorist-controlled areas.

In 2016, the British “Canary” website exposed Britain’s involvement in polishing the image of the terrorists in Syria and presenting them to the public opinion as a "moderate opposition".

Also, UK’s “The Guardian” newspaper revealed in 2016, based on documents, that the British government had funded propaganda for terrorist groups in Syria to promote them as "opposition." The British Foreign Office used contractors supervised by the Ministry of Defense to produce videos, pictures, military reports and radio programs, to create accounts on social media carrying the logos of terrorist organizations and to run these terror organization's information centers. The produced materials were broadcast on Arab and foreign misinformation channels and on the internet.

Hamda Mustafa