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Syrian air defenses prove their high capabilities in thwarting the Israeli attacks and dropping the missiles of the aggression

Damascus (ST):  With every Israeli aggression, the Syrian air defenses have proven their high ability to deter aggression and to respond with high efficiency to the hostile missiles that intercept most of them and drop them in the air, prompting the hostile media to question the feasibility of these attacks in light of the great capacity of the Syrian air defenses that are getting stronger despite ten years of war.

According to observers of the situation in the region, these attacks turned into a state of controversy within the Israeli occupation entity after the military experts revealed that these attacks had zero results, and in this context, the Lebanese military and strategic expert, Brigadier Amin Hoteit,  affirmed that the success of the Syrian air defenses in dropping more than 85 percent of the missiles of the "Israeli" enemy at every aggression prevents Israel from achieving the goals that are drawn for this aggression, adding that  this Syrian response delineates the features of the new phase that surprised Israel.

Brigadier Hoteit goes further by saying that the Syrian confrontation deprives the "Israeli" enemy of a strategic paper that it tries to keep and constantly reinforce. The Zionist enemy, whose intervention in the war that was waged against Syria ten years ago, has adopted a strategy based on systematic intervention in the field as a proof of existence and to destroy defense capabilities, especially the Syrian air defense system, raising the morale of terrorists,  as well as Israel's desire to prevent Syria from exploiting its victories and the return of normal life to its lands. That is why Israel intensified its attacks every time you see the increase in the Syrian victories in the field.

The Israeli enemy launched dozens of assaults on Syrian lands during the terrorist war against Syria, with the aim of supporting terrorists and trying to influence the course of military operations on the ground, but it failed to change the course of victories against its terrorist tools.  In this context, Brigadier Hoteit believes that “Syria was able in an earlier period to effectively restore its air defense system” and shot down an Israeli “F-16” aircraft. Today, Syria is improving its defense and tightening the closure of its skies in the face of the "Israeli" missiles, and stripping Israel of the card of aggressive intervention in it,  it also confirms an important decision, also supported by its allies, to cut off the "Israeli" hand that extends to play with the security and safety of Syria.

In February 2018, the Syrian air defenses were able to shoot down an Israeli F-16 plane over the Galilee area inside the occupied Palestinian territories, during an aggression launched by Israel on the central and southern regions of the Syrian territories, which the Israeli enemy considered a crack in its air force. Although the Israeli missile attacks may continue under flimsy pretexts in parallel with the economic terrorism practiced against the Syrian state, the success of the Syrian air defenses in dropping the missiles of aggression strips Israel of the card of aggression against Syria and enhances the chances of Syria’s success in its military plans to regain what remains of  lands occupied by terrorists.

The Lebanese military expert concluded that Syria has made a qualitative leap in its defensive war and has managed to move to a promising stage that worries the Israeli enemy, especially after the recent aggression on the Damascus countryside, stressing that “Syria confirms once again the correctness of its escalating defense strategy in the face of aggression and the protection of its land, its sovereignty and its independent decision.”

It is noteworthy that the Israeli enemy is carrying out its attacks from outside the Syrian territories, specifically from the direction of the occupied Syrian Golan and the direction of the Galilee and the Lebanese lands, with missiles  fearing from making its  planes enter the Syrian airspace, and despite that our air defenses drop most of the enemy missiles before they reach their targets.