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Ten years of war on Syria, and dozens of fabrications of the chemical plays

Damascus (ST):  In light of the humiliating defeat of the terrorist organizations' tools, and with all their defeats during the previous years in front of the Syrian Arab Army, Western countries, led by the United States and France, and behind them the Israeli enemy entity, resorted to fabricating plays about the army's use of chemical weapons with the aim of prolonging the aggression and opening new chapters to achieve what the terrorists were unable to do in destroying the Syrian state.

Ten years after the war on Syria, the states sponsors of terrorism are still supporting and practically coordinating the implementation of fabrications and plays that simulate chemical weapons attacks on civilians in the areas where terrorists deploy in Idleb, relying on a media machine that broadcasts films and false propaganda scenes about fabricated events and massacres that they either committed or claim it took place in order to accuse the Syrian Arab Army, which is fighting terrorism on behalf of the world.

The allegations about the use of chemical weapons in Syria emerged after it succeeded in ending and destroying the chemical weapons program and after the victories achieved by the Syrian Arab Army over the terrorist organizations and regaining control over large areas of Syrian territories.

Syria has affirmed more than once that Washington and its allies have turned the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW)  into a platform to settle their political differences with some countries, using methods of pressure and intimidation to obtain sufficient votes to target Syria and other countries that are not in line with its policies.

Attempts by terrorist organizations and their operators abroad are renewed from time to time to weave their lies about the use of chemical weapons in several areas in Idleb to accuse the Syrian Arab Army and provide pretexts for an American-Western aggression against Syria, relying as usual on the "White Helmets" terrorists, intelligence services and experts from several Western and Arab countries.

The false stories of terrorist organizations, the “White Helmets” terrorists and those behind them about the use of chemical weapons in Eastern Ghouta, Khan Sheikhoun and others are refuted by the facts and the reports of many international organizations, especially the “Foundation of Courage”, which confirmed in a statement on 8-2-2021 that the report of the alleged Douma incident in 2018 raises suspicion and distrust of all similar reports of the OPCW, including the report of the alleged Khan Sheikhoun incident in 2017 and others.

With the failure of the aggression through the tools of global terrorism and after years of escalation and horrific crimes against humanity committed by the terrorists without affecting the Syrians' national positions, it was necessary for some Western countries to resort to the OPCW to manipulate the provisions of the agreement and to exert pressure on its member states and blackmail them to obtain an illegal decision for the establishment of a mechanism called the "investigation and identification team", which Syria described by its representative to the United Nations during the Security Council session on the fourth of this month as "a dangerous precedent for delegating a technical organization the powers to conduct criminal and legal investigations to determine the identity of those responsible for cases of using chemical weapons in clear violation of the mandate of the Security Council.

After years of denying and hiding, the Zionist entity's media acknowledged the role of the Israeli occupation in the fabrications and plays that were carried out and marketed by terrorist organizations regarding the use of chemical weapons.  The confession came through Channel 12 in a televised report that the government of the Zionist entity was behind the fabrication of the Syrian Arab Army’s use of chemical weapons against civilians in the areas controlled by the terrorist organizations in cooperation with the “White Helmets” terrorists who trained terrorist groups to carry out these plays to market them as pretexts for the United States and some Western countries to carry out a military aggression against the Syrian state, paving the way for its tools and mercenaries from the terrorist groups to expand and control.

The states that support terrorism and claim to be responsible for maintaining international peace and security, especially the United States, have never paid any attention to human rights, the well-being of peoples, or the sovereignty of states. Rather, for centuries they have pursued unethical behavior based on manipulating the principles and provisions of the UN Charter and international law to achieve an aggressive colonial agenda represented by the legitimacy of external interference in sovereign states .The  Syrians realize well the aim of the US and its allies and stand firmly behind their army in carrying out its national duty with relentless determination and belief in the inevitability of victory